So rare! Firenadoes captured on camera in Schnecksville, PA

The featured photo (which can be seen above) was captured by Justin Michael Selig.

This is a very rare sight indeed! You have to watch it to believe it.

A handful of controlled burn Firenadoes have been captured on camera in Schnecksville,
Pennsylvania – watch in the video below.

The footage which was captured by Justin Michael Selig, however the footage was uploaded to Live Storms Media’s official YouTube account.

In case you’re new to Firenadoes, find the official definition for it below.

“A rapidly rotating column of flames above an intense fire caused when air, dust (etc) is drawn into the fire from surroundings and rises – creating a vortex.”

Oxford Dictionaries –

Look at that rotation! Waterspout captured on camera in Northern Cyprus

A significant Waterspout has been captured on camera in Kyrenia (Girne), Northern Cyprus – watch in video below.

The video was captured by adventuretog and posted approximately five days ago on Instagram. Will you just look at the rotation on this spinner!


In the above link, you’ll be able to find an official definition for the Waterspout.

New video of the EF-2 Burnsville, MS Tornado has come to light

Posted two days ago, this video came to our attention.

New video of the EF-2 Burnsville, Mississippi Tornado has come to light – watch in the video below.

Captured by 5stormchasers, the video was posted on their official YouTube account.

The Tornado struck this past Saturday. It’s safe to suggest the following, you get a better look at the Tornado!


AccuWeather’s U.S. Tornado forecast for this year is intriguing

It’s an interesting article which deserved its own blog post.

According to John Roach, AccuWeather predicts that there will be one thousand and seventy five Tornadoes in 2019.

In fact! Nine percent more then the nine hundred and eighty seven Tornadoes in 2018.

Nevertheless, the figure is six per cent less than the U.S. annual average of one thousand one hundred and forty one Tornadoes.

Roach points out in the article that five hundred and twenty five Tornadoes are expected from March through May almost the normal average – beaten by one1(same months).

1: Maybe not a lot to some, but for us… That’s a lot of spinners!

The AccuWeather writer goes on to say that the company (weather/media) projects a high occurrence of severe weather risks in the traditional Tornado Alley.

Meaning that the states which are most likely to be impacted the most are: Oklahoma, Kansas and parts of Texas and Nebraska…

… We’re going to leave that there! We strongly urge that you go and read the rest of the article which can do by clicking here.

National Weather Service confirms an EF-2 Tornado struck Burnsville, MS

Before we get to the video! The National Weather Service (Memphis branch) has confirmed an EF-2 struck Burnsville, Mississippi this past Saturday.

So what does that mean? The following bullet points will explain:

• The EF-2 had an estimated wind speed of one hundred and fifteen miles per hour.
• The EF-2 had a path length of eight miles.
• The EF-2 had a width of one hundred and fifty yards.

We’re happy to report on this one, no injuries/deaths were caused. However, it did cause some significant damage.

We’ve saved the best till last! This has got to be the best video we’ve seen so far. A new video of the significant Burnsville, Mississippi has emerged online – watch below.

The video which was sent to Local 24 Memphis by Nathan Blount (who took the video) on the 24th February 2019.


National Weather Service confirms an EF-3 Tornado struck Columbus, MS

The National Weather Service (Jackson, Mississippi branch) has confirmed an EF-3 struck Columbus, Mississippi this past Saturday.

So what does that mean? The following bullet points will explain:

• The EF-3 had an estimated wind speed of one hundred and thirty seven miles per hour.
• The EF-3 had a path length of almost ten miles – nine point six to be exact.
• The EF-3 had a width of four hundred and forty yards.

Sadly, we hate this part! The EF-3 caused one death and eleven injuries.

It’s suffice to say we’re not surprised by this rating! Why? because of the videos coming out of the area – see below.


Man captures video of yesterday’s significant Tornader in Burnsville, MS

“Check that big son of a gun out, y’all!”

Turn the sound up and watch below as man1 captures video of yesterday’s Tornader (Tornado) in Burnsville, Mississippi.

“Y’all see that freakin’ Tornader right there?”

The video which was sent to WVTM 13 News by Shane Tucker (who took the video) on the 23rd February 2019.

We love our people down south!

More (professionally) shot video from yesterday’s Tornado in Burnsville, Mississippi has emerged overnight. Find in the related link below.


New video of the damaging Columbus, MS Tornado has emerged online


A new video of the damaging Columbus, Mississippi Tornado has emerged online – watch in video below.

The video which was sent to WTVA’s Matt Laubhan by Ken Waldrip (who took the video) on the 23rd February 2019.

The video was filmed from the Marriott in Columbus.

It has emerged overnight (UK time) that one person has died because of the Tornado – find out more from the tweet below.

UPDATE: A further video of the powerful Columbus, Mississippi Tornado has emerged online – watch video below.


Storm chasers take direct hit from Tornado after successful intercept


Just like this blog and this blog, this particular piece is not a wordy one! However, you have to read/watch it to see what not to do1

1: This goes out to our storm chasing friends!

…In the videos below, watch as the Outlaw Chasers take a direct from the Tornado that struck Burnsville, Mississippi after a successful Tornado intercept2.

2: Putting INPAR probe into Tornado.

Let us know what you thought of the events in the video above in the comments below.

UPDATE: Outlaw chaser Randy Dean Hicks has shared quite a remarkable screen grab – see below.

Photo credit: Randy Dean Hicks

UPDATE #2 – New video has come to light via AMHQ/The Weather Channel – see below.


Cone Tornado captured on camera in Aliceville, Alabama

The video was taken today! Just an FYI.

A cone Tornado has been captured on camera in Aliceville, Alabama – watch in the video below.

Short but sweet! Just the way we like them.  It is unknown at this time who captured the video, however it was uploaded to Live Storms Media’s official YouTube account.

Stay tuned for more information on this developing story on this Tornado. There’s not much information on this one at the moment (IOO1)

1: In our opinion.

Powerful Tornado captured on camera in Columbus, MS

A powerful Tornado has been captured on camera in Columbus, Mississippi – watch in video below (no sound).

Whilst you don’t see an actual funnel on the video, you can tell by the ferocity of the winds that is was one damaging Tornado.  

The video was captured by Dax Clark Weather and posted today – 23rd February 2019 – on Twitter. It was the caption of this video that got us to say the least.

A number of injuries and a significant amount of damage has been caused by this Tornado. However, this is still a developing story.

We will post more video/photos of this Tornado once it becomes available.

UPDATE: Video shows significant damage caused by powerful Tornado in Columbus, Mississippi.

UPDATE #2: Video shows more significant damage caused by powerful Tornado in
Columbus, Mississippi.

UPDATE #3: More damage photos.

UPDATE #4: Formation of Tornado in video.


Significant Tornado captured on camera near Burnsville, MS

“Oh my goodness! Oh my gosh… Is that a Tornado?”

A significant Tornado has been captured on camera crossing US 72 near Burnsville,
Mississippi – watch in video below.

The video was captured by Uah Swirl and posted today – 23rd February 2019 – on Twitter. We will post more video/photos of this Tornado once it becomes available.

UPDATE: A quite remarkable photo of this significant Tornado has been captured by Alan Matthew – see below.

UPDATE #2: Here’s another photo of this significant Tornado – which we think we can define – as a wedge.

Photo credit: Jamison Roberts

UPDATE #3: New video of this significant Tornado has emerged – watch in the video below.

UPDATE #4: Even more significant video has emerged from this significant Tornado – watch below.

Credit: Chris Dickerson and Dustin Knight

UPDATE #5: The morning after! More video has emerged from this significant Tornado.

UPDATE #6: Fascinating(/fun) vlog about yesterday’s significant Tornado.


San Diego Padres pitcher Brett Kennedy throws as a funnel cloud forms

This is a once in a lifetime photo for sure! Incredible shot K.C.

A photo of (MLB1) San Diego Padres’ pitcher Brett Kennedy throwing as a funnel cloud forms in the background has emerged online – see below.

1: Major League Baseball team.

K.C. Alfred captured the photo of the Padres’ pitcher throwing as the funnel formed in the background on the 22nd February 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.

How do we know it was a funnel cloud? Well, the National Weather Service in Phoenix confirmed on radar that there was rotation south-southwest of the Padres field (2:35pm – U.S. time.

Approximately three hours ago, K.C. Alfred shared another photo of yesterday’s funnel cloud as the MLB team took to batting practice.

Right time! Right place! #comestomind

Ten Instagram Tornado videos which will keep you happy…

…until the season starts again! which isn’t that long away to be honest.

Again, just like this blog. This blog is not particularly a wordy one! However, it will keep you happy until Tornado1 season starts again…

1: For us Tornado/severe weather enthusiasts

…Below are the ten Instagram Tornado videos that will keep you entertained until the season starts.

Bennington, Kansas wedge Tornado that struck on 1st May 2018 – Tornado Hunters’ Greg Johnson

Douglas, Wyoming Tornado that struck on the 28th July 2018 – Reed Timmer

Find further videos of this Tornado here and here.

Cherokee, Oklahoma twin Tornadoes that struck on the 14th April 2012 – Tornado Titans’ Eugene Thieszen

Clarksdale, Mississippi Tornado that struck on the 23rd December 2015 – Tornado Trackers

Wray, Colorado breathtaking Tornado that struck on the 7th May 2016 – Tornado Trackers

Dodge City, Kansas Tornado that struck on the 24th May 2016 – Derek Smith (@tornadoslayer_)

Pilger, Nebraska twin Tornadoes that struck on the 16th June 2014 – Tornado Hunters’ Greg Johnson

Stanton, Nebraska Tornado that struck on the 16th June 2014 –  Tornado Hunters’ Greg Johnson

Location to be confirmed – looking up into a developing Tornado – Pecos Hank

Tillman County, Oklahoma wedge Tornado that struck on the 7th November 2011 – Martin Lisius, Tempest Tours

Find further videos of this Tornado here, here and here.

With that, we’ll wrap this post up. You can find more Instagram Tornado videos here and here.

Truly breathtaking! Photogenic rope Waterspout at sunset in Lebanon

A photogenic & breathtaking Waterspout1 has been captured on camera in Beirut, Lebanon…

…Watch in the video to the right hand side.

The video which was sent to Nash from Nashville by Douaa Shreim (who took the video) on the 19th February 2019.

1: Since we haven’t covered Waterspouts in detail yet (page coming soon), find an official definition below.

“Waterspouts are similar to Tornadoes over water. However, Waterspouts tend to be broken down into two categories: tornadic Waterspouts and fair weather Waterspouts.

Tornadic Waterspouts are simply Tornadoes that form over water, or move from land to water – its suffice to say Waterspouts have the same characteristics as a normal Tornado.”

National Weather Service, NOAA –

What we mean by characteristics is: high winds/seas, hail and frequent dangerous lightning.

When it comes to fair weather Waterspouts, you’ll just have to wait until the page is built…

… We’re keeping that a secret! #welikekeepingsecrets

Six decades of Tornado tracks visualised in one incredible map

Whilst this visualization was produced in 2012, it’s one that needs to be seen over and over.

Using six decades worth of data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA – Storm prediction Center – SPC), designer John Nelson has produced a quite remarkable visualisation of Tornado tracks in the United States – see below.

Photo credit: John Nelson

The visualisation above illustrates sixty one years of Tornado tracks along with a host of attributed information – injury, death etc.

Included is the horrendous Tornado season of 2011.

The tracks in the above visualization – illustrated as lines – are categorised by the Fujita-scale (F-scale)1.  

1: When this visualization was produced, the F-scale rating was being used. However, that rating scale is now outdated.

The Enhanced Fujita Scale aka EF-Scale is now being used to rate the power of a Tornado. You can find out more about the EF-scale here.

It’s safe to suggest where the brighter lines are in the map represent the more violent storms. 

We could look at this for hours! Poor Oklahoma. You can find more of Nelson’s incredible work here.

What Tornado? Sweetheart, the grass needs to be cut


Introducing Theunis Wessels, who is just cutting his grass on a Friday evening.

Normal right! Nothing at all going on at all. Cutting the grass had been on the Canadian’s to-do (chore) list for a while.

So, Wessels decided to cut the grass on Friday – best time to check off the chore – said his wife, Cecilia Wessels in an interview with Buzzfeed.

Photo credit: Canada Tornado Alberta Lawnmowing Man Defies Twister

In the interview with Buzzfeed, Wessels said that she was sleeping when her nine year old daughter woke her up scared…

…What was the little girl scared of? An breathtaking and photogenic Tornado outside the family’s home in Alberta1, Canada.

1: Three Hills, Alberta to be exact.

Wessels said that she looked out the window and saw her husband and this absolutely normal scene – the complete “epitome of this is fine”.

Photo credit: Turf Matters (seems appropriate)

FYI: The family moved from South Africa to Canada almost a decade ago.

Wessels stated that her husband was calm because he attended a seminar led by Tornado Hunters very own, Greg Johnson.

Wessels specified (during the interview) that she actually took the photo to show her parents in South Africa what a Tornado looked like.

However, when she posted the photo to Facebook, with the caption “my beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hard”.

Everyone (shockingly – not really) had the same question: “Why is your husband mowing the lawn?”

Whist this (see in video below) is happening…

Wessels suggested that the Tornado was not as close as it appears to be in the photo and was moving away from the house.

In the general public’s eyes, Nope, Nope, Nope. In our eyes, YES! YES! YES. We love absolutely everything about this photo – including the memes.

Astonishing before and after video of the 2013 Oklahoma Tornado

Not particularly a wordy blog! However it’s a worthy read about a worthy video. All that needs to be said is…

…A family takes cover in their storm shelter. Minutes later, this is what the father sees as he comes out of the shelter (see in video below).

The Tornado in the above video was that of the EF5 that struck Moore (inc. Newcastle), Oklahoma on the 20th May 2013…

…Find a handful of videos of the 2013 Moore EF5 Tornado below.

You can find more information on this deadly Tornado here.

Japan developing new technology to detect Tornadoes in advance

Exciting news! According to Gizmodo, officials in Tokyo are developing(& testing – as reported) on new technology that uses Weather radar and terrestrial digital radio waves to “quickly and precisely predict torrential rain and Tornadoes1” up to twenty to thirty minutes before they occur.

1: quote comes from

The technology is being developed by industry, government and academic officials – including National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). The technology is intended to be ready for deployment before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Below, find three videos of Tornadoes that have struck Japan – Tokyo etc.

On April 22nd 2011, my family and I were hit by an EF-4 Tornado…

… I now suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Lilapsophobia (the fear of Tornadoes/Hurricanes).

Reddit user Allman93 has taken to the social media site to tell a harrowing yet powerful survivor story about the time an EF-4 Tornado1 hit the family home of the reddit user.

1: the Tornado this Reddit user is talking about is the EF-4 that struck St. Louis on Good Friday – 22nd April 2011   

Halfway/towards the end of the story, Allman93 talks about the after effects of the Tornado. However, we’re going to let you read about it. Not to spoil it.

So without further ado, here is Allman93’s story…

“It was Good Friday and around noon that day that a friend and I set off to the mall. On the way there we were bombarded by a huge hail storm. Well we got inside after it died down and did our shopping. When it was time to leave I called my dad and asked if it was safe to leave. He told me to wait 30 mins so we did. We got some Panda Express and then headed home.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Later that day, my mom came home around from my grandma’s house and cooked a quick dinner before the storm. We ate and then headed our separate ways. Around 7:30 my mom and little sister (7 at the time) came downstairs because my little sister was worried about the storm. So they sat in my brothers room (22 at the time) for the next 30 minutes before my littler sister begged my dad and older sister (26 at the time) to come down stairs. At approximately 8:20-8:30, my mom came in and said hey they said the tornado is on the ground moving towards us.

NOTE: It was suggested in the story that they were told to go to the laundry room to which Allman93 said ‘OK’. We don’t know who told the family to go to the laundry room so we’re excluding it that portion of the story.

Within the next minute, it got very loud. I got out of my gaming chair and headed to the laundry room with my XBOX 360 controller in hand and my headset on.

Not 10 seconds later it hit. The moment it started something happened to me. I saw flash in front of me a newspaper headline that said family of 6 dies in storm. It literally lasted a split second but I can still see it today. I immediately went into survival mode. I grabbed both my brother and my dad from the back of their collars and yanked me down. I think because of the pressure in the house made me feel as though we were being sucked up. After that it was no longer than 10 seconds before it was completely silent.

During those 10 seconds though it was the most horrifying sound and feeling I’ve ever heard or experienced. People say it sounds like a freight train, not in our experience. It sounded like a weed whacker. A ripping sound. With the most immense pressure you’ve ever felt. You could also hear the glass breaking, couches hitting walls, etc. It then went silent. For a good minute we just sat there and not a word was spoken. Then once we all realized we were all fine, we tried to leave the room, but the door was jammed shut.

We kicked it loose and then headed for the stairs. What we saw next was the most unnerving thing ever. We saw nothing but sky where there should be our house. Then as we got further up the stairs, we saw none of our neighbour’s home either. Having seeing that, we looked it back downstairs and started calling the police. Family members were trying and figure out what just happened because for whatever reason. Being hit by the tornado didn’t seem like the likely scenario.

We then had a first responder come yelling for us. We immediately came to the stairs and were given the all clear. As soon as we got to the living room, the sirens went off again. So we booked it back down stairs and seeked shelter for the next 45 minutes. During that time, I was trying convince my auntie that we were actually hit by a Tornado. She eventually believed us and we headed to her house for the night. Once we got there it was completely light-hearted and fun??

We sat around talking about it and eating good food. 2 am comes around, my brother and I we’re still awake and that’s when the event hit both of us like a ton of bricks. We all easily could’ve died if we were upstairs. The next day, we went back and we were not prepared for what we saw. For starters, I thought there would be a massive big scar in the ground from the tornado. Never saw that!

I also didn’t expect to see our couch in the tree in the front yard and the living room TV in the woods behind the house. There were lots of inconsistencies in what got picked up by the Tornado and what didn’t. One of the things that was let untouched was an old-time window with 6 panels. Another thing that was left untouched were the head shots of each of us in our family in a photo frame – untouched! Crazy!

Over the next week or so it was hectic.

We were going backwards and forwards between our old house and our rental house, all whilst trying to figure our lives out. Well, one of those days shortly after we were met with another tornado threat. It’s safe to say that’s when this whole situation sank in – this weather event truly affected us.  

When we were trying to find a family member to take us in that had a basement, it was sheer hell for 8 hours until the severe weather threat passed. We did the same thing for the next 6 months, suffice to say it was pure hell. When a watch was issue, we all went straight to the basement for the watch’s duration. That’s how frightened we were!

October, we then moved into the house we live in now. It’s a beautiful home with a nice pool. It’s safe to say, we were loving life. That is until the next Tornado season (season) rolled around. We thought by that point we’d be fine, but that wasn’t the case:

  • 2 years later: two sisters and dad overcome and become fine with the season.
  • 3 years later: mom overcome and become fine with the season.
  • 6 years later: brother overcome and became fine with the season.

I on the other hand am still not fine. I’m better, but I’m not fine. I get asked a lot about what it’s like to be in a tornado and everything that comes with that. However, I never get asked what it’s like to suffer from PTSD and Lilapsophobia (fear of Tornadoes) because of it.

So let me explain for you: My life from mid-February through about mid-June is pretty much pure hell for the most part. I tend to visit this site: Meteorologists tend to use this website to predict severe weather. However, I tend to use it as a way to figure out the low end and high end threats.

So, if one website says something that troubles me, I refer back to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) website to either validate or discredit what the website (troubling me) says. I tend to use the SPC website as my trusted one source for one reason. They have no motive to hype anything. They simply want to keep people safe!


I wake up and check the SPC’s website immediately – I check days 1, 2 & 3. I then go onto check their 4 – 8 day forecast. If I see any severe weather predicated for the mid MS valley (large area on both sides of the Mississippi river) or more specifically Missouri…

…I take myself to the bathroom to have stress diarrhoea (GRAPHIC: I KNOW BUT TRUE!). I then go onto read what the other outlets are saying – The Weather Channel etc. I also like to see what the locals are saying. Let’s just say – for example: If I just saw that on an 8 day forecast they’re predicating bad weather, I tend to go into ‘storm mode’. This tends to mean the following happens:

  • Extremely introverted
  • No appetite
  • Extremely irritable
  • No sleep – night sweats, nightmares

I tend to become obsessive about getting updates. So much so, I know every update time for the SPC website- including other outlets. It’s safe to say it’s literally pure hell. It’s also worth to say that by the time the day comes for a severe weather threat, another one is already looming.

Once Tornado season starts, it’s kind of like buckle in because it’s going to be hell for the next three to four months. During Tornado season, my family knows now not to talk to me. Don’t try even rationalising with me. I know that I’m thinking irrational but it’s in a somewhat panicked state.

I don’t know how to snap out of it to be completely honest. So instead of trying, my family just let me do me. I tend to sit and wait for updates, watch radars and always have a plan in place. I’ve tried to get help because obviously no one wants to feel like I do, however the psychiatrist I saw was condescending towards me. Suggesting rain is nothing to be afraid of.

That’s not my issue, OBVIOUSLY. However, the next psychiatrist I saw was the individual who diagnosed me with PTSD and Lilapsophobia.  Until then, I have never heard of Lilapsophobia. However, this psychiatrist still didn’t do much but offer me medication. I refuse to take medication simply because I have super addictive personality and knowing me I’d likely abuse whatever medication what is given to me. I’ve tried my best to handle it myself however, I’ve gotta be honest… I SUCK…

…However, I’m still alive!

The major element that is keeping me going at the moment is my entire family – including parents sisters, brother and brother-in-law – have all agreed to move to Arizona as soon as possible.It’s safe to say I look forward to moving to Arizona!”

What a brilliant survivor, let us know what you thought of the story in the comments. Source of story can be found here.

If you’re still wondering what Lilapsophobia is, find an introduction video to the condition below (produced by The Weather Channel).