Truly uncommon! Snownado captured on camera in New Mexico

Essentially, this is a very rare sight!

You’re surely seen video of Tornadoes, Waterspouts, Landspouts and maybe even Firenadoes. However, have you ever seen a Snownado?1

1: Also commonly known as a snow devil.

This uncommon weather phenomenon has been captured on camera in Tinian, New Mexico on the 17th February 2019 – watch in the video below.

Tinian, New Mexico Snownado
Photo credit: Lydell Rafael
Photo credit:

“For snow devils to occur, the necessary conditions include a colder air mass passing over a relatively warmer surface heated by sunlight, and a low-level wind shear (change of wind speed or direction with height) or colliding air currents to get the rising air to spin.

A warmer surface causes the snow or ice to form fog or steam, and if there is a column of colder, low-pressure air above this fog, it will begin to rise, and the wind shear or currents will cause it to rotate and begin to pick up loose snow forming the recognizable funnel shape.

Snownado: A Rare Winter Weather Phenomenon, Joanne Kennell, The Science Explorer –

Find out more about the mesmerising Snownado here.

We’re convinced that it is a Snownado, however it could be a Snowspout! Let us know what you think it is in the comments below.

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