San Diego Padres pitcher Brett Kennedy throws as a funnel cloud forms

This is a once in a lifetime photo for sure! Incredible shot K.C.

A photo of (MLB1) San Diego Padres’ pitcher Brett Kennedy throwing as a funnel cloud forms in the background has emerged online – see below.

1: Major League Baseball team.

K.C. Alfred captured the photo of the Padres’ pitcher throwing as the funnel formed in the background on the 22nd February 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.

How do we know it was a funnel cloud? Well, the National Weather Service in Phoenix confirmed on radar that there was rotation south-southwest of the Padres field (2:35pm – U.S. time.

Approximately three hours ago, K.C. Alfred shared another photo of yesterday’s funnel cloud as the MLB team took to batting practice.

Right time! Right place! #comestomind