Reported strong Tornado causes extensive damage in Greenville, Texas

Update: According to the National Weather Service office in Fort Worth, Texas, the damage caused in the town of Greenville was caused by straight-line-winds and not a Tornado.

Original post: There is extensive damage in the town of Greenville, Texas following a reported strong Tornado that struck last night. It’s also been reported that it was rain-wrapped.

The reported Tornado swept through the town just before 6:00pm, causing extensive damage to buildings (churches1), leaving a trail of downed trees and power lines.

1: It’s suffice to suggest a number of churches were having services or bible study last night. This was the situation at Highland Terrace Baptist Church on the outskirts of the town. Families were gathered with their pastors in the church when a portion of the roof was ripped off by the reported Tornado.

Photo gallery of damage caused can be found below.

As the photo gallery above illustrates, multiple buildings downtown Greenville suffered extensive damage. Initial reports suggested the downtown area was the hardest hit.

Video of the damage caused by this reported Tornado in the downtown area can be found below.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have been working together to keep some areas of the town blocked off that have downed power lines and polls.

The roof of one business was completely ripped off, ending up crumpled in the street. A classic car business had its glass windows blown out.

The initial call for first responders was significant, due to damage affecting such a densely populated area. There were no reports of serious injuries thankfully.

Should photos or video of the reported emerge, we will post them. Find more of our articles on Tornadoes that have struck the state of Texas here.

Tornado touched down near Copperas Cove, TX yesterday, 200 homes suffered damage

The above feature photo was captured by Angie Carswell.

Update: The National Weather Service has confirmed that there was an EF-2 near Copperas Cove this past Sunday.

Original post: Local officials have said a Tornado touched down near Copperas Cove (CC), TX yesterday damaged nearly two hundred homes in the area.

Photo credit: Chad Casey

Thankfully, no injuries were reported. The confirmed Tornado touch down at around 5:28pm on the west side of CC.

Officials stated one hundred and ninety six homes were damaged. Of those, three are uninhabitable. At this time, there is no estimate on the amount of damage.

Find videos and photos of the damage caused by this Tornado below.

As soon as the National Weather Service issued warnings for the area, CodeRed notifications were sent to residents.

We’re going to end this article on a positive quote from Gary Young, Deputy Fire Chief of Copperas Cove.

“Bottom line, no one was hurt, some property was damaged and generally we are all okay,” well said Mr Young, well said.

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Strong Tornado hits Bocholt, Germany: Significant damage reported

Should video of the actual Tornado emerge, we will post it.

Officials believe a strong Tornado hit the city of Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany last night, causing significant damage.

The strong Tornado overturned one car, damaging others. It uprooted around one hundred trees and damaged at least nine houses – see in the photos below.

A spokesman for the city said one person was slightly injured. It has already been reported by experts and news outlets as an EF-2 Tornado.

However, the German Weather Service (DWD) is still analysing the data collected. Find a video of damage caused by this possible EF-2 Tornado below.

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Violent rain-wrapped Tornado captured on camera in Lawrence, Kansas

This is the Tornado that went onto cause significant damage in Linwood, Kansas.

A violent rain-wrapped Tornado has been captured on camera in Lawrence, Kansas – watch in the video below.

The video was captured by Gerard Jebaily on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, May 28th.

However WFLA’s news anchor, Josh Benson posted the video on his official Facebook page. Find more videos of the Tornado below.

Even though the Tornado passed south of the city, it still caused extensive damage to property on the outskirts of Lawrence – photo gallery/video of damage can be found below.

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Photos of last night’s Dayton, Ohio Tornado damage in daylight

Update: With regret, we have to report that an eighty one year old man has died after a vehicle slammed into his home. Find out more here.

Original post: Celina, Ohio damage photos/video will also feature. 

In the photos below, take a look at the damage caused by last night’s Tornado in Dayton, Ohio in daylight. 

For your information: Photos all taken & embedded from the feed of Twitter user, Mr Ohio. Video of Tornado damage in Celina can be found below.


El Reno, OK Mayor says two dead after Tornado swept through the town

The above screen grab was captured from KHOU’s helicopter.

Update #3: It’s official. Last night’s El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado has been rated an EF-3 by the NWS.

Update #2: It has been reported that almost thirty people have been hurt because of the Tornado.

Update: The Norman NWS is continuing to survey the Tornado damage in El Reno, Oklahoma. They confirm the Tornado was at least an EF-2

Original Post: A “likely” Tornado has killed at least two people as it destroyed a roadside hotel, swept through a mobile park and caused significant damage in the area, officials have said. 

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El Reno, Oklahoma mayor Matt White said during a press conference that “there have been two fatalities at this point,” adding that officials are working to let relatives know. 

White said search and rescue efforts are continuing – even when we’re writing this.   

National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist Rick Smith told The Associated Press that the likely Tornado hit last night as a significant storm swept through the state. Survey crews are expected on scene to determine the severity of the damage to the town. 

The roadside hotel, American Budget Value Inn was destroyed by the Tornado. Photos that emerged shortly after the event showed emergency crews going through rubble after an element of the roadside hotel’s second story collapsed into a pie of debris – scattered about the first floor and parking area. 

Mobile homes at the Skyview Estates adjacent to the roadside hotel suffered significant damage, as was a part of a car dealership which is nearby. 

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During the press conference, the El Reno mayor said the town had “experienced traumatic event”. White said several people were transported to hospitals in Oklahoma City. 

We’re going to leave this post here, we highly recommend you read khou’s article on the Tornado which includes survivor stories – click here.  

Photos of last night’s El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado damage in daylight

The above featured photo was captured by Aaron Brilbeck. Daylight reveals the carnage caused by last night’s Tornado.

In the photos below, take a look at the damage caused by last night’s Tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma in daylight.

When more photos emerge, we will make sure to add them to the gallery above. Video of the damage can be seen below.


Tornado touches down near the town of El Reno, OK: Damage, deaths and injuries reported

Update #3: Via his Twitter account, KFOR’s Mike Morgan has posted what looks to be a Tornado path map – with quite a gut wrenching caption.

Update #2: KOCO is reporting that last night’s El Reno Tornado was estimated to be an EF-3 – which has the wind speeds of one hundred and thirty six to one hundred sixty five.

However, we will wait for the National Weather Service to determine that.

Update: KFOR is reported that two children from a trailer park in El Reno are missing after a Tornado did significant damage there.

Original Post:

Details are still emerging at this time. News 9 in Oklahoma is reporting deaths due to this Tornado – we will have more on that when it emerges.

Significant damage and possible injuries have been reported after a Tornado touched down south of El Reno, Oklahoma. 

One report suggests that a hotel was hit and leveled. That report suggests that victims are being pulled from the rubble – see above tweet.

Residents – via social media – have been sharing images of significant damage caused by the Tornado – see below. 

Photo credit: Samuel Roback

When more photos and videos emerges online, we will post them.


Preliminary survey report: EF-3 Tornado struck Jefferson City, Missouri

The National Weather Service (NWS) says a preliminary survey results indicate that an EF-3 Tornado struck Jefferson City, Missouri (MO) last night.

According to the survey team, the Tornado caused a significant amount of damage in a section of Four Seasons Drive and Flora Drive in the city.

The NWS office (branch) in St. Louis, MO tweeted the following :

However, an updated preliminary damage survey was then published via the St. Louis NWS office’s official Twitter account :

As surveys are ongoing, we will continue to monitor the progress of said damage surveys. We will publish the full survey report once completed.


Large night-time Tornado captured on camera in Golden City, Missouri

Once video emerges, we will post it. With regret, we can confirm three people have been killed by this Tornado and significant damage has been caused.

A Large night-time Tornado has been captured in Golden City, Missouri – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Nathanial Dagley

The photo was captured by Nathanial Dagley on the day the Tornado struck – last night, 22nd May.

However, Emergency Management Associates posted the photo on their official Facebook account. Find more photos of this Tornado below.  

Photo credit: Ethan Strite
Photo credit: Mark Williams
Photo credit: Andrew Pritchard
Photo credit: Chandler Bos


Large Tornado captured on camera near Augusta, Missouri

Once video of this monster emerges, we will post it. It has been reported that it became rain-wrapped.

Now, this is a wedge of nightmares! A large Tornado has been captured on camera near Augusta, Missouri – see in the photos below.

Courtesy of Chad Scott
Courtesy of Chad Scott

The photos were sent to Chad Scott by a friend on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 21st May.

Scott posted the photos on his official Facebook account. Find photos of Tree damage caused by the Tornado below.

Watch yesterday’s Mangum, Oklahoma Tornado hit a house, lofting debris

Unbelievable close range video!

In the video below, watch yesterday’s Mangum, Oklahoma Tornado hit a house, lofting debris in the air.

The video was captured by Brandon Van Dalsem on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 20th May.

However, the video was posted on Live Storms Media official YouTube account.


National Weather Service confirms that a Tornado touched down in San Angelo, TX

The feature photo was captured by Jason Hill via his drone when he flew it later on in the day of the Tornado – 18th May.

The National Weather Service (NWS) office (branch) in San Angelo has confirmed that a Tornado struck the city of San Angelo, Texas on Saturday morning.

It has been reported that the Tornado was at least an EF-2.

The assistant Fire Chief of San Angelo reported that the Fire Department of the city conducted at least one rescue in relation to the Tornado after it struck.

Photo credit: Jason Hill – captured via drone.

At around 4:30am on Saturday, the San Angelo Fire Department was dispatched to a collapsed structure on the campus of the West Texas Boys Ranch – Tankersley.

A young male was trapped beneath the collapsed structure.

Firefighters were able to free the male from the debris of the collapsed structure. The male was taken to a hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

Photo credit: Jason Hill – captured via drone.

At least forty people had to be evacuated due to concerns over downed power lines. Those people are being housed at a shelther at the First United Methodist Church of San Angelo.

A resident of San Angelo was first aware of the Tornado when she heard an emergency alert come over her phone. We’re hoping the sirens went off!

The women told KTXS 12 that she hid in the closet with her family and also said that the Tornado sounded like a train. Our question is, did the sirens go off?

A car was thrown into a house in the city, however nobody was injured as a result of the event. Thank goodness.

Photo credit: KTXS

Find more photos and videos of damage caused by this Tornado below.

Photo credit: Tim L. Vasquez – find more of Vasquez’s incredible photos here.


Watch Tornado knock semi-truck over: Iconic storm chaser rushed to help driver

This event took place yesterday – 17th May.

Iconic storm chasers Val and Amy Castor chased a Tornadic storm which developed in Beaver County, Oklahoma and moved into Kansas.

A Tornado1 was spawned by the above mentioned Tornadic storm.

In the video below, watch the Tornado1 cross Highway 542 and overturn a semi-truck. You start to see the semi tip over at around 2:31 in the video.

Val rapidly exited his vehicle to check on the driver of the semi – with the help of other chasers including: Paige Burress and David Reimer.


2: Northeast of Fowler, Kansas

Video belongs to Val Castor and Amy Castor 

Tornado warnings don’t adequately prepare residents of mobile homes


A survey conducted recently of the southeastern United States illustrates that nearly half of residents that live in mobile homes don’t know where to shelter during a Tornado and many are not getting the resources they need to survive one.

Photo credit: Tim Marshall

New research illustrates that residents across the southeastern United States, where mobile homes make up almost twenty per cent of house, don’t have the resources or information they need to safely respond to a Tornado. That’s frightening!

More than half of mobile home occupants don’t know the best place to take shelter. A number don’t have a community shelter to get to. Mobile home residents “don’t perceive” Tornadoes as any worse a danger than their neighbours in permanent homes.

However, data indicates that nationwide, they are nearly twice as likely to die in a Tornado. Talking to Earth & Space Science News (EOS), University of Maryland risk communications researcher, Brooke Liu said:

“We know a lot about how corporations can protect their reputations, but we know comparably a lot less about how governments can help protect the public during extreme events.”

Brooke Liu, University of Maryland risk communications researcher

Including her colleagues, Liu conducted a survey of Tornado awareness among about three thousand mobile and permanent home residents in twelve states throughout the southeast.

 The findings of the survey were published on the 29th March in Weather, Climate and Society, indicate that the current communications strategies have a lot of room for improvement.

Liu spoke to EOS in an interview, which you can read here. We highly recommend that you do have a read, it’s a fascinating!

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TORNADO! The Kalamazoo, Michigan Tornado of May 13th 1980

On the 13th May 1980, A F3/EF3 Tornado struck the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Tornado first touched down at 4:00pm eight miles of the city limits, it steadly moved eastward through downtown Kalamazoo.

Photo credit: Kalamazoo public library

The Tornado dissipated east of the city at around 4:25pm. So essentially, the Tornado was on the ground for twenty five minutes.Twenty five minutes had passed by, however the devastation left in the wake of this Tornado was substantial.

Five people died, seventy nine injured and over fifty million dollars in property damage. William Milliken walked through the area hours later, and suggested the following: “It reminds me of a bombed out city”’

We highly recommend you read the Kalamazoo public library’s dedicated webpage on the Tornado, click here to take a read…

…We didn’t particularly want to make this a wordy article, however we wanted to give this Tornado a substantial introduction.

Now you’ve read about it, now relive the Kalamazoo, Michigan Tornado of May 13th 1980 thru the lens of a camera in the videos below.  

Find an incredible gallery of photos of damage caused by this Tornado here.

The Great Miami, Florida Tornado of May 12th 1997

Twenty two years ago yesterday this photogenic Tornado/Waterspout struck the Florida city. On the 12th May 1997, at around 2:00pm, am F1/EF-1 Tornado produced substantial amount of damage as it swept through the downtown area of Miami.   

The Tornado developed southwest of the city and first touched down in the Silver Bluff Estates area. Find out more about the Tornado’s path here.

The Tornado produced roof damage to an apartment complex and a number of houses in the area of Little Havana. In the Miami downtown, windows were blown out of several buildings including nearly every south facing window on the first three floors of The Citadel Building.

Several cars were damaged by flying debris in the WTVJ-NBC parking lot. Other cars were overturned or blown several yards when the Tornado moved through the parking lot of the Bell South office building.

A Metro Mover vehicle on Miami’s public transportation elevated rail system was derailed as the Tornado neared the Government Center in downtown Miami. Around a dozen injuries were attributed to the Tornado.

With that being said, let’s move onto the next part of this article. In the videos below, relive the F1/EF-1 Miami, Florida Tornado that struck on the 12th May 1997.

It was reported that this Tornado/Waterspout killed hundreds of wild chickens… We thought to add that!


Preliminary survey report: EF-2 Tornado struck Rocky, Oklahoma

The featured photo (which can be seen above) was captured by Chad Vandever. 

According to the National Weather Service storm (damage) survey team, preliminary (prelim) results indicate at least an EF-2 hit a small town in Washita County, Oklahoma (OK) – Rocky to be precise – on Tuesday.

Photo credit: Stephen Jones

The Tornado was on the ground for almost thirteen miles – starting in Hobart and ending in Cordell.  The cone Tornado had a width of four hundred yards. The Tornado had a (peak) wind speed estimated at one hundred and fifteen miles per hour to one hundred and twenty miles per hour.

No deaths or injuries have been reported in connection with this Tornado, thankfully. However, at least five mobile homes and several outbuildings were damaged. Trees and utility poles were also damaged.


Large Tornado captured on camera in Washita County, Oklahoma

When more video emerges, we will post it. THAT’S FOR SURE!

UPDATE: Footage of the significant large night-time has just emerged online – via SVL Media – watch in the video below.

A large night-time Tornado has been captured on camera in Washita County, Oklahoma – in/around the area of Rocky to be precise – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Val Castor

The photo was captured by Val Castor when the Tornado struck – yesterday, late night…

…However, News on 9’s meteorologist Matt Mahler posted the shot on his official Twitter account. Find more relating photos/screen grabs below.

Photo credit: Chad Vandever – @ChadVandever
Screen grab capture credit: Stephen Jones – @Tornado_Steejo

Wichita Falls, Texas Tornado of April 10th 1979 – Terrible Tuesday

FYA: This Tornado was one of many that struck during the Red River Valley Tornado outbreak of the 10th April 1979…

…We will be producing a separate article on this outbreak in due course. You can find more out on the Wichita Falls, Texas (TX) storm itself here.

The F4/EF-4 Tornado that struck Wichita Falls, TX formed several miles southwest of the city in Archer County, travelling over mostly open land.

When the Tornado turned east-northeast, it entered Wichita County – damaging a handful of rural homes, string of high voltage towers.

Moving into the city of Wichita Falls, the Tornado first struck Memorial Stadium and McNiel Junior High School, severely damaging both buildings (#1 on the damage path diagram below).

Damage path diagram credit: National Weather Service (NWS)

The Tornado’s formation and its movement towards the stadium and high school was captured on camera by Wolfgang Lange from the front of his apartment complex (#2 on the damage path diagram) – see in the photos below.

After capturing the last photo of the Tornado, Lange retreated to the complex’s laundry room and hid between heavy commercial washers and dryers. Luckily, he only suffered minor injuries.

Northeast of Lange’s apartment complex, on the first street of houses, a man by the name of Robert Molet also captured the Tornado on camera as it approached (#3 on the damage path diagram) – see in the photos below.

Unlike Lange’s view, as you can see in the above photos, Molet did not have an unhindered view of the Tornado – did not immediately recognise the F4/EF-4 wedge.

Molet stood in his backyard driveway and captured the destruction of the above mentioned apartment complex and the beginning of his neighbourhood being destroyed.  

Molet carried on taking photos until the wind blew him into his garage. Although, his house was completely destroyed, Molet escaped with only minor injuries – protecting him from the worst of the winds and debris.

The first deaths caused by Tornado were recorded at the already mentioned apartment complex and adjoining housing area.

Continuing east-northeast, the Tornado severely damaged commercial buildings along Southwest Parkway, including total devastation of the Southwest National Bank Building except its vault (#4 on the damage path diagram).

North of Southwest Parkway, the F4/EF-4 wedge destroyed many homes in the Western Hills (DR). Further eastward, many houses in the Faith Village were destroyed, Ben Milam Elementary School was severely damaged (#6 on the damage path diagram).

The Tornado was captured on camera from the south of the city by Pat Blacklock – see in the photos below (#5 on the damage path diagram).

 As you can see in the last few photos above, the gust front/strong west winds to the south of the Tornado can be seen producing waves on Lake Wichita – kicking up spray from the lake.

As the F4/EF-4 wedge crossed Kemp Boulevard, a number of commercial business were destroyed – resulting in several deaths. The Tornado’s most destructive winds missed the Sikes Senter Shopping Mall to the south, but a handful of stores were damaged.

Photo credit: UNKNOWN

Beyond the above mentioned shopping mall, the Tornado crossed a greenbelt area, “skirted” Midwestern State University on the south side – severely damaging more housing additions.

From the Ligon Coliseum of the University, Professor Joe Henderson captured the Tornado on camera (#7 on the damage path diagram) – see in the photos below.

The F4/EF-4 wedge was also captured on camera by Troy Glover from the roof of the Bethania hospital (#8 on the damage path diagram) – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Troy Glover

A number of people tried to outrun the Tornado as it crossed the south side of the city by getting in vehicles and driving east of Southwest Parkway – north on US Highway 281 and east on US Highway 287.

The Tornado blew many of those vehicles off the above mentioned highways, resulting in numerous deaths.

The F4/EF-4 wedge took the lives of forty two people in Wichita Falls, twenty five deaths were vehicle related and sixteen of the twenty five deaths got in vehicles to outrun the Tornado.

Before leaving the east side of the city, the Tornado destroyed the Sun Valley housing area, the Sunnyside Heights Mobile Home Park and several large commercial businesses including the Levi Strauss Plant – iconic jean maker.

Northeast of Wichita Falls, the Tornado trekked into Clay County. Not only did it enter a different county, it changed its appearance.

As seen in the photos below, captured by Winston Wells, the Tornado became multivortex (#10 on the damage path diagram). At one time, the F4/EF-4 wedge displayed as many as five satellite vortices. 

At this stage of its life, the Tornado did extensive damage just south of Dean and near Byars, destroying a significant number of rural homes, but thankfully causing no deaths.

The grief and devastation caused by this Tornado is almost unthinkable

This particular type of Tornado event is unheard of! A violent Tornado tearing through an eight mile section of a city.

In addition to the forty two deaths caused directly by the F4/EF-4 wedge, three more people died of heart attacks/illnesses during the stress of the Tornado’s life. The number of reported injuries approached almost eighteen hundred however additional injuries were never recorded.

In 1979 dollars, total property damage in the city was estimated at four hundred million.

Over three thousand homes were destroyed and another were damaged. One thousand apartment units/condominiums were destroyed and another one hundred and thirty were damaged.

Around one hundred and forty mobile homes were destroyed, two schools were obliterated and eleven others suffered significant damage. Over one hundred commercial businesses were destroyed, some of which were large businesses/manufacturing – including Levi.

That concludes our in-depth overview of the Tornado. Now, relive the Tornado in videos below.