Incredible drone video of multivortex Tornado north of Okemah, Oklahoma


Breathtaking drone footage of the multivortex Tornado north of Okemah, Oklahoma has emerged online – watch in the video below.

The drone followed the Tornado as it developed and strengthened1. However, the first seven seconds of the video is time lapsed but everything else is normal speed.

1: The video also showed multiple vortices under the parent circulation – a large cone Tornado eventually formed.

The video was captured by Brian Emfinger on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 22nd May.

However, Live Storms Media posted the video on their official YouTube account. Find more video and photos of the same Tornado/second Tornado below.

Photo credit: Greg McLaughlin

Drone-tastic! Brandon Clement is taking storm chasing to new heights

His name… Brandon Clement

WXChasing’s Brandon Clement has taken storm chasing to a whole new level with one stunning video…

…Yesterday afternoon, Clement captured magnificent footage of a Tornado near Sulphur, Oklahoma.

This was no normal video to say the least, the footage was captured by a drone.

“Cue Law and Order sound effect!” Jamie Simms, website lead

Talking to The Washington Post, Clement said that he “has been working on getting that shot for about three years now.”

Clement continued by saying that he’s “probably done a half-million miles in chasing across the country by now. But this one is special.”

The drone captures the elements of the Tornado perfectly – unobstructed by rain, hail or wind (the wind could have blown Clement’s drone of course).

“I grew up in south Louisiana chasing Hurricanes, and then became interested in Tornadoes. In the years since, I’ve captured floods, hail, fires, volcanoes, blizzards and everything else. This is something that’s been in the making for a long time.”

Brandon Clement, WXChasing     

The drone-captured video left many chasers, meteorologists and us in admiration. Relating drone-video tweets can be found below.


Incredible drone video of Sulphur/Hickory, Oklahoma Tornado


We have no words! Drone video of the Sulphur, Oklahoma Tornado has emerged online – watch in the video below.

The footage was captured by WXChasing today. The storm chasing team posted the video on their official Facebook account around thirty minutes ago.


Incredible drone footage of Lee County, AL Tornado

Incredible footage!

Drone footage of the deadly Lee County, AL Tornado has emerged online – watch in the video below.

The footage was captured by Taylor Campbell yesterday, however the footage was uploaded to Live Storms Media’s official YouTube account.