The Great Miami, Florida Tornado of May 12th 1997

Twenty two years ago yesterday this photogenic Tornado/Waterspout struck the Florida city. On the 12th May 1997, at around 2:00pm, am F1/EF-1 Tornado produced substantial amount of damage as it swept through the downtown area of Miami.   

The Tornado developed southwest of the city and first touched down in the Silver Bluff Estates area. Find out more about the Tornado’s path here.

The Tornado produced roof damage to an apartment complex and a number of houses in the area of Little Havana. In the Miami downtown, windows were blown out of several buildings including nearly every south facing window on the first three floors of The Citadel Building.

Several cars were damaged by flying debris in the WTVJ-NBC parking lot. Other cars were overturned or blown several yards when the Tornado moved through the parking lot of the Bell South office building.

A Metro Mover vehicle on Miami’s public transportation elevated rail system was derailed as the Tornado neared the Government Center in downtown Miami. Around a dozen injuries were attributed to the Tornado.

With that being said, let’s move onto the next part of this article. In the videos below, relive the F1/EF-1 Miami, Florida Tornado that struck on the 12th May 1997.

It was reported that this Tornado/Waterspout killed hundreds of wild chickens… We thought to add that!