Josh Wurman calls Reed Timmer’s recent successful rocket experiment “cute”…

…Wurman stated he’s unconvinced it will advance scientists understanding of Tornadoes.

Talking to The Washington Post (TWP), Josh Wurman called Reed Timmer’s recent successful Rocket experiment “cute” however said he’s unconvinced it will advance scientists’ understanding of Tornadoes. “The rocket just took one slice through a Tornado”, Wurman said. “We’re way beyond that in science”.

Wurman, president of the Center for Severe Weather Research in Colorado, explained to TWP that academic researchers are conducting controlled experiments to map and investigate the three-dimensional structure and characteristics of Tornadoes and their surrounding environments – how they change with time.

Wurman’s group uses mobile Doppler radars to collect Tornado data – just like the one in the video below.

“The bar for what’s beneficial scientifically in Tornado research has grown a lot”, Wurman said. Timmer’s rocket “is kind of cool, but what really it teaches us about Tornadoes that we didn’t know already is pretty unclear”. Wurman concluded that Timmer will need to share his data with other scientists for its value to be better understood.

We highly respect Wurman’s opinion, however we have to disagree this time round. We firmly believe Timmer is contributing a fair amount to the scientific community… We’ll just leave it at that!

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An outbreak of strong Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are expected today


An outbreak of Tornadoes, some potentially long-track and violent, is expected today into this evening over portions of northwest Texas into western and central Oklahoma.

More-isolated but still potentially dangerous severe weather, including Tornadoes and destructive winds and hail is possible in surrounding parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.


Tornado Probability

Wind Probability

Hail Probability

Original post

Today has the potential to be a historic day. We will be covering this high risk event all day/night – here in the UK. To our readers in the affected areas, BE WEATHER READY!

An outbreak of strong Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms is expected today across parts of the southern and central Plains.

Furthermore, many of the storms will have very large hail and wind damage. The severe threat will be concentrated from west Texas and the Texas Panhandle eastward across Oklahoma, Kansas into western Missouri and western Arkansas.

In addition, severe storms with wind damage and hail will be possible this afternoon from southeast New York into southern and central New England.


Tornado Probability

Wind Probability

Hail Probability

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Significant Tornadoes, damaging winds, large hail likely tomorrow

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Severe thunderstorms capable of all severe hazards, including significant Tornadoes, are expected across portions of the southern Plains tomorrow.

Convective Outlook

ProbabilisticConvective Outlook

Maximum risk by hazard

  • Tornado – 15% – Significant – Moderate
  • Wind – 45% – Enhanced
  • Hail – 30% – Significant – Enhanced

The National Weather Service’s Storm Predication Center has suggested tomorrow could be a significant severe weather event across the southern Plains.

Approxmintanly an hour ago, Reed Timmer posted a thought-provoking post on his official Facebook account regarding tomorrow’s severe weather event – see below.

A few Tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail are expected today…

…Significant event widespread wind damage and a few strong Tornadoes expected today across parts of the southern Plains, Arklatex and southern Ozarks.

Severe storms are possible over a significant area today, from Texas to southern Minnesota, with the greatest threat from northwest Louisiana.

A few Tornadoes, widespread damaging winds and large hail are expected today. Synopsis can be read here.  


Tornado Probability

Wind Probability

Hail Probability

This will be an updating article – so if you’re in the affected areas. KEEP AN EYE OUT.

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A few Tornadoes (couple of which could be strong) are expected today

Now is the time to be weather ready people! 

Severe storms with very large hail, damaging winds and a few Tornadoes (a couple of which could be strong) are expected mainly from the central High Plains northeastward of the mid Missouri Valley. 

Synopsis can be read here

Several severe storms, capable of producing very large hail, damaging winds and a couple of Tornadoes, will also be possible across portions of the western half of Texas. Finally, scattered afternoon storms will be possible from Ohio through the Middle Atlantic region.


Tornado Probability

Wind Probability

Hail Probability

This will be an updating article – so if you’re in the affected areas. KEEP AN EYE OUT.

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Dominator 3: A storm chasing vehicle with one sole purpose…

… To intercept Tornadoes.

It’s quite possibly one of the most fascinating things you’ll see driving down the highway, and it has one sole purpose…

…To intercept Tornadoes! This is the Dominator 3 (Dom 3). The Dom 3 is a storm chasing vehicle which is based on a Ford – super duty – truck.

It’s used by a handful of chasers, including AccuWeather’s extreme meteorologist, Dr. Reed Timmer.

Designed to withstand an EF-5 Tornadoes, packing two hundred mile per hour wind speeds. The Dom 3 is literally used for intercepting Tornadoes.

The exterior of the vehicle is armoured platted. On top of the vehicle are several weather instruments, used to aid in a chaser and gather more data – including rockets.

Credit: AccuWeather

The rockets – which can be seen in the above screen capture – will carry multiple sensors into the air.

The interior of the vehicle is also COMPLETELY DECKED OUT! In the below quote, Dr Timmer explains the some of the functionality of the vehicle.

“This is the cockpit of the Dominator 3, here you can see the real time display of wind speed and direction from the roof-mounted anemometer. So as we get close to the Tornado or even inside severe weather, we can report how strong those winds are.”   

Reed Timmer, AccuWeather extreme meteorologist.

UNL researchers set to begin drone Tornado study

A highly-anticipated research project involving drone-based study of severe storms will start this spring.

Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) and a handful of other universities will start the targeted observation by radars and UAS of supercells project on the 15th May.

This will be the largest-ever study of its kind which will involve more than fifty individuals – including scientists and students.

The individuals involved in this study will use four unmanned aerial vehicles, a manned aircraft, eight trucks fitted with meteorological instruments, a number of mobile radar systems and sophisticated weather balloons to collect data on supercell thunderstorms1.

1: These types of thunderstorms often have a deep rotating updrafts that – most likely – spawn Tornadoes.

The study – which was announced last fall will include the 2019 and 2020 severe storm season – will cover the Great Plains from North Dakota to Texas. Not forgetting to mention Iowa to Wyoming and Colorado.

The goal of the study is to better understand the hidden composition of severe storms. The overall result is that the data gathered will improve the detection of Tornadoes and reduce the number of false-alarm warnings that are issued.

The below video illustrates a similar type of project/study undertook by The Sirens Project.

We’re going to leave this article here. We highly recommend that you read the journalstar’s article on the study – which you can read here.

The historic Tornado forecast of 1948

On the evening of the 25th March 1948, a Tornado swept through Tinker Air Force Base (AFB), Oklahoma. 

The Tornado caused considerable damage, a handful of injuries and no deaths. However, the destruction could have been much worse.

A several hours earlier, Air Force Captain Robert C. Miller and Major Ernest J Fawbush rightly predicted the atmospheric conditions were correct for Tornadoes of Tinker AFB.

The Tornado caused six million dollars in damage, four million less than the first storm – which happened five days earlier. 

The first Tornado forecast was instrumental in advancing the U.S’s commitment to protecting the people of America – not forgetting to mention the military resources.

Find out more about the historic Tornado forecast of 1948 here.

Severe weather threat potential this weekend for traditional Tornado Alley

Recent forecast models have suggested the possibility of severe weather from Friday through Monday from the central/south Plains to the Ohio valley, Tennessee valley and Dixie Alley, as reported by Zach Walters.

Photo credit: Zach Walters

Walters said with it being too far off to make any projections, he will not report on those until Tuesday/Wednesday.

However, he did say when looking at the instability models and other elements there could be a handful of significant supercells across the southern Plains on Saturday. This means one or two Tornadoes could be produced.

We will have more on this potential severe weather threat when it comes to light.

AccuWeather’s U.S. Tornado forecast for this year is intriguing

It’s an interesting article which deserved its own blog post.

According to John Roach, AccuWeather predicts that there will be one thousand and seventy five Tornadoes in 2019.

In fact! Nine percent more then the nine hundred and eighty seven Tornadoes in 2018.

Nevertheless, the figure is six per cent less than the U.S. annual average of one thousand one hundred and forty one Tornadoes.

Roach points out in the article that five hundred and twenty five Tornadoes are expected from March through May almost the normal average – beaten by one1(same months).

1: Maybe not a lot to some, but for us… That’s a lot of spinners!

The AccuWeather writer goes on to say that the company (weather/media) projects a high occurrence of severe weather risks in the traditional Tornado Alley.

Meaning that the states which are most likely to be impacted the most are: Oklahoma, Kansas and parts of Texas and Nebraska…

… We’re going to leave that there! We strongly urge that you go and read the rest of the article which can do by clicking here.