Weak brief Tornado captured on camera near Salem, Illinois

Suffice to say it was a quick nader! A weak brief Tornado has been captured on camera near Salem, Illinois – watch in the video below.

The video was captured by Reath Kameron Branson on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 19th June. Branson posted the video on his Facebook account.

Find another video of the Tornado below.

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Tornado captured on camera near Sawyerville, Illinois

Should more photos of the Tornado emerge online, we will post them. A Tornado has been captured on camera near Sawyerville, Illinois – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Connor Jachino

The photo was captured by Connor Jachino today – 15th June. Jachino posted the photo on his Twitter account.

Should video of the Tornado emerge online, we will post it. Stay tuned! Find more of our articles on Tornadoes that have struck the state of Illinois here.

Springfield, Illinois Tornado of June 14th 1957

Going by the Tornado History project’s interactive website, there were twelve Tornadoes that touched down on this day. However, the strongest one of the day was the Springfield, Illinois (IL) Tornado.

The F4/EF-4 Tornado swept through the southeastern side of Springfield, IL near Jerome1. The parent thunderstorm produced a wind gust of ninety eight miles per hour at Capital Airport, which was on the north side of the town.

1: A diagram of the Tornadoes path can be found below.

Courtesy of Tornado Talk – Facebook page can be found here.

Two people were killed and more than fifty people were injured by the Tornado. Damage to property was estimated at three million dollars – twenty five homes were destroyed and one hundred and seventy five others were badly damaged.

The Illinois State Register stated the following the day after the Tornado: “This Tornado ended the myth that Springfield was Tornado-proof because it was in a bowl”. Newspaper clippings relating to the Tornado can be found here.

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Lemont, Illinois Tornado of June 13th 1976

43 years ago today! Just let number sink in! That’s a very long time.

This day won’t be forgotten by many people who live in the Illinois counties of DuPage and Cook County during 1976 summer.

It had started as a normal day on the 13th June in the Chicago Metro area. Suffice to safe the region had been experiencing a very warm period with a high of ninety four degrees recorded the previous day.

With afternoon temperatures lingering in the lower to middle eighty’s, little would be known in a few minutes after 5:00pm, bedlam was about ensue/strike southern DuPage and southwestern Cook Counties.

A significant Tornado formed across the Lemont, Illinois area at approxminetly 5:18pm, just north of the downtown area. From that point onwards, the Tornado began taking a rather unpredictable track…

…First heading southeast through the eastern sections of the town.

The Tornado grew significantly causing extensive damage at the Hillcrest subdivision of the area. The Tornado then headed in a northerly direction, then northwest where it took the roof off an Argonne National Laboratory reactor.

Moving on, the Tornado then crossed I-55555 where it caused more damage before it finally dissipated.

In the wake of the Tornado, two people died and twenty three people were injured. The track of the Tornado was eight miles long – width of up to eight hundred yards. That’s massive!

Source credit: National Weather Service

Total damage costs approached thirteen million dollars. After all the damage was surveyed, the final rating of the Tornado was an F4/EF-4.

You can read more on the event here and here.

Tornado captured on camera north of Table Grove, Illinois

Should more video of this Tornado emerge, we will post it.

Illinois has the perfect scenery for Tornadoes! A Tornado has been captured on camera north of Table Grove, Illinois – watch in the video below.

The video was captured by Marcus Büker today. Büker, who is a professor at Western Illinois University posted the video on his Facebook account.


Tornado captured on camera near Iuka, Illinois

Looks weak in our opinion! A Tornado has been captured on camera near Iuka, Illinois – watch in the video below.

The video was captured by Jill Long today. Long posted the video on her official Facebook account. Find a photo of the Tornado below.

Photo credit: Kaley Himelick

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The May 15th – 16th Tornado outbreak of 1968

Yesterday and today marks the fifty first anniversary of the outbreak.

The May 15th -16th 1968 Tornado outbreak was a significant and deadly event. The outbreak of Tornadoes affected the states listed below.

  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee

This outbreak produced thirty nine Tornadoes from 3:28pm on the 15th May till 2:50am on the 16th May. This included two F5/EF-5 Tornadoes in Iowa1.

Resource credit: National Weather Service

1: The first F5/EF-5 Tornado swept through five counties and sixty five miles. It affected Charles City just before 5:00pm. This particular Tornado destroyed much of the area. Damage figures were estimated up to thirty million dollars in Charles City alone whilst one point five million dollars in damage was recorded elsewhere. This F5/EF-5 killed thirteen people and injured almost four hundred and sixty people.

FYI: The featured photo of this article is that of the F5/EF-5 that struck Charles City – however the photo was captured two miles southwest of the city by Floyd County Sheriff.

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The second F5/EF-5 Tornado affected Fayette County at around 4:57pm. It destroyed or damaged nearly a thousand homes. The hardest hit areas were Oelwein and Maynard where homes were completely swept away from their foundations. Five people were killed by this F5/EF-5 whilst one hundred and sixty were injured.

These were two of four F5/EF-5 Tornadoes that struck the United States during the year of 1968 – the other two; southwestern Ohio on the 23rd April and Minnesota on the 13th June. The next and last official F5/EF-5 Tornado that touched down in Iowa was in Jordan on the 13th June 1976.

The thirty nine Tornadoes spawned during this outbreak killed seventy two people and caused twelve hundred injuries. You can find more details on the outbreak here.

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Horrific! Husband captures the moment Tornado destroys his house…

…FYI: With sadness, even though this happened in 2015, his wife and next door neighbour died.

The Tornado in this video is the EF-4 that struck Rochelle/Fairdale on the April 2015. Read our recent article on this Tornado here.

In the terrifying video below, watch the moment a powerful Tornado destroys a couple’s house… WHILST HE’S IN IT!!!

As you may have seen, a message appeared at the start of the video. In case you missed it, you can read in full below.

“The video was shot by Mr Clarence “Clem” Schultz from the second story of his home in Fairdale, IL on 9th April 2015. Though Mr Schultz survived, he had a number of very serious injuries. Unfortunately, his wife and next door neighbour died in this event.

PLEASE do not attempt to video or take photos of a Tornado as it approaches your location. Please follow National Weather Service warning advice: “Move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building and avoid windows.

If in a mobile home, a vehicle, or outdoors, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris. It is your life… and your responsibility to protect it.”  

The video was captured by Clem Schultz on the day the Tornado struck – 9th April 2015. It’s suffice to say this video gained a lot of attention.


9th April 2015 Rochelle/Fairdale, IL Tornado – relive the Tornado in video

The EF-4 Rochelle/Fairdale, Illinois (IL) Tornado struck during the April 2015 Tornado event. You can find out more about the event here.

In the videos below, relive the EF-4 Rochelle/Fairdale, IL Tornado that struck on the 9th April 2015.

Lastly, we wanted to share this incredible video of the EF-4 wedge in Rocehlle, IL.

The above video’s description can be read in full below.

“Viewer Tony Nelson was on his way home from Wisconsin last night when he captured this incredible video from southbound I-39.”


Crazy! Motorist captures Rochelle, Illinois Tornado up close

The Tornado in the video was many that struck during the April 2015 Illinois Tornado event. Find out some fast facts about the event at the bottom of the article.

This footage is something! In the video below, watch as a motorist captures the EF-4 Rochelle, Illinois Tornado crosses the road – right in front of him.

The video was captured by Sam Smith on the day the Tornado struck – 9th April 2015. However, a YouTube account under the name ‘Aaron Rooney’ posted the video.

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With that being said, listed below are some fast facts regarding the event:

  • The atmosphere was suitable for severe weather – due to the highly uncharacteristic moisture and instability for early April across the region.
    • A strong low pressure system advanced into this favourable air mass. Combining with robust wind shear, which enabled these potent storms.  
  • Eleven Tornadoes were confirmed across Illinois on the 9th April.
    • Seven Tornadoes struck north central Illinois.
    • Two Tornadoes struck northwest Illinois
    • Two Tornadoes struck central Illinois
  • Six of the Tornadoes that struck north central Illinois formed from one supercell thunderstorm. This includes the strongest Tornado that was a long track EF-41.
    • The above mentioned EF-4 Tornado began near Franklin Grove (Lee County), through the northwest side of Rochelle (Ogle County), across 1-39, through Fairdale (DeKalb County).
      • The Tornado ended south of Belvidere (Boone County – far southern).
    • The EF-4 caused two deaths, both of which were in Fairdale, Illinois. There was a total of twenty two injuries.
  • The potential for severe weather was mentioned in forecast graphics and products as early as the 4th April – which was a Saturday.

1: A Tornado of this scale is quite rare. This was the first EF-4 or stronger Tornado in National Weather Service (NWS) Chicago County Area in twenty five years, since the F5 Tornado that struck Plainfield in 1990…

…This was the first EF-4 Tornado or stronger in Illinois since the two EF-4 Tornadoes that struck on the 17th November 2013 – including the one that struck Washington, Illinois.


Watch Illinois hunters hold up in duck blind as Tornado passes

The Tornado in the video struck during the outbreak of December 2018 in Illinois. You can find out more about the outbreak here.

This video has become infamous! In the video below, watch Illinois hunters hold up in a duck blind1 and watch as a significant Tornado passes. Once in a lifetime video!

1: Used in order to hunt ducks.

The description for the video can be found below.

“We were out hunting like any normal day when a tornado formed. We had nowhere to go.

The ATV was in between us and the tornado, so we hunkered down and hoped for the best. We ended up getting our limits of ducks.”

The video was captured by Matt Stroub on the day the Tornado struck – 1st December 2018. However, the video was then sold to Viral Hog.

Subsequently, the viral video broker posted the video on their official YouTube account.


Captured on surveillance camera! Tornado sweeps house away

This Tornado was one of many that struck during the outbreak of the 17th November 2013. Find out more about the outbreak at the bottom of the article.

In the surveillance camera video below, watch the November 2013 Diamond, Illinois Tornado sweep a display house away.

The surveillance camera footage was captured by the surveillance cameras at TD Pete’s Diamond Shell on the day the Tornado struck.

With that being said, listed below are a few facts regarding the outbreak:

  • This outbreak had just over seventy Tornadoes across seven states including Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.
  • Illinois and Indiana had fifty five of these Tornadoes.
  • There were twenty five Tornadoes in Illinois identified.
    • Fourteen being significant (EF-2 or stronger)
    • Three being EF-3 Tornadoes
    • Two being EF-4 Tornadoes
  • One supercell in Illinois dropped five Tornadoes, which were the ones to impact Perkin, Washington, Dana, Coal City, Manhattan and Frankfort – not forgetting Diamond.
  • The EF-4 Tornado which struck Washington, Illinois, had winds of one hundred and ninety miles per hour.
  • There were thirty Tornadoes in Indiana identified.
  • One hundred and one Tornado warnings were issued for Illinois on the day of the outbreak.

We will be producing an relive in video article for this particular outbreak in the near future.

Tri-State Tornado of 1925

This record breaking Tornadic event happened ninety four years ago today.

The Tri-State Tornado is at the moment in time the U.S. record holder for several elements – listed below.

  • Longest Tornado track – two hundred and nineteen miles (219)*
  • Most deaths in a single Tornado – six hundred and ninety five (695)
  • Most injuries in a single Tornado – two thousand and twenty seven (2027)

*The track was originally two hundred and eighteen miles – study by Johns et al. showed seventeen more miles – according to Gabe Garfield.

The below quote from the NWS explains the Tri-State Tornado brilliantly.

“On March 18, 1925, the Great Tri-State Tornado tore across Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Southwest Indiana. With its rapid movement, monstrous size, and long track, the tornado took hundreds of lives and injured thousands. By all means, the Tri-State Tornado was a rare event—an event that few people will ever experience in their lifetime.”

National Weather Service – Paducah, KY

Whilst this Tornadic event happened before modern time, this particular Tornado is considered to be a F5/EF-5 – on the Fujita/Enhanced Fujita Scale rating.

This deadly Tornado swept through three states – reason why it’s called Tri-State – tearing through thirteen counties. These counties include: Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

The Tri-State Tornado tore through nine towns and numerous smaller villages – significant damage was caused of course.

It’s safe to suggest that track of this Tornado has been lost – due to growth of landscape and human development.

The map (pictured to the left) was produced by Wilson and Changnon in 1971. The illustration to the left seems to provide the most accurate track of this Tornado.

Photo credit: Wilson and Changnon

Find a re-created (digitised) copy of above map below – this visualisation was produced by U.S Tornadoes’ James Hyde.

Photo credit: James Hyde

We’re going to leave it there! However, we’re going to point you in the direction of some incredible material on the Tri-State Tornado – links can be found below.

More links coming soon!

1st December 2018 Illinois Tornado outbreak – relive the outbreak in video

This outbreak was late in the season to say the least.

On the 1st December 2018, a number of supercell thunderstorms produced a significant amount of Tornadoes across central and southwest Illinois.

According to storm surveys/reports, approxmintanly twenty nine tornadoes occurred across the state – largest December outbreak since 1957.

It’s suffice to say Taylorville, Illinois was hardest hit. With that being said, relieve the outbreak in the videos below.