Watch Illinois hunters hold up in duck blind as Tornado passes

The Tornado in the video struck during the outbreak of December 2018 in Illinois. You can find out more about the outbreak here.

This video has become infamous! In the video below, watch Illinois hunters hold up in a duck blind1 and watch as a significant Tornado passes. Once in a lifetime video!

1: Used in order to hunt ducks.

The description for the video can be found below.

“We were out hunting like any normal day when a tornado formed. We had nowhere to go.

The ATV was in between us and the tornado, so we hunkered down and hoped for the best. We ended up getting our limits of ducks.”

The video was captured by Matt Stroub on the day the Tornado struck – 1st December 2018. However, the video was then sold to Viral Hog.

Subsequently, the viral video broker posted the video on their official YouTube account.