Springfield, Illinois Tornado of June 14th 1957

Going by the Tornado History project’s interactive website, there were twelve Tornadoes that touched down on this day. However, the strongest one of the day was the Springfield, Illinois (IL) Tornado.

The F4/EF-4 Tornado swept through the southeastern side of Springfield, IL near Jerome1. The parent thunderstorm produced a wind gust of ninety eight miles per hour at Capital Airport, which was on the north side of the town.

1: A diagram of the Tornadoes path can be found below.

Courtesy of Tornado Talk – Facebook page can be found here.

Two people were killed and more than fifty people were injured by the Tornado. Damage to property was estimated at three million dollars – twenty five homes were destroyed and one hundred and seventy five others were badly damaged.

The Illinois State Register stated the following the day after the Tornado: “This Tornado ended the myth that Springfield was Tornado-proof because it was in a bowl”. Newspaper clippings relating to the Tornado can be found here.

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