Near Central City! Tornado captured on camera in Linn County, Iowa

Weak Tornado/Landspout, all the same in our book.

A Tornado has been captured on camera in Linn County, Iowa – Central City, Iowa to be precise – watch in the video below.

The video was captured by Huston Bailey on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday evening, 9th June.

However, Live Storm Chasers posted the video on their official Facebook account. Find more video of the Tornado below.

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Incredible video! Watch Tornado in Houghton, Iowa loft debris in the air

We live for videos like this! Shows the sheer power of nature. The above featured photo is a screen grab taken whilst watching Marcy Henrich’s video of the Tornado.

This happened a short time ago. In the video below, watch a Tornado in Houghton, Iowa loft debris in the air.

The video was captured by Marcy Henrich today. Henrich posted the video on her Facebook account.

Find another video of the Tornado captured by Marcy’s husband, Jay below.

Should more video emerge, we will post. Should photos of the Tornado emerge, we will post it.


Large Tornado captured on camera southwest of Burlington, Iowa

Suffice to suggest that this is Tornado was spawned by the same storm system with produced the one that just struck Charles City, Iowa.

A large Tornado has been captured on camera southwest of Burlington, Iowa – watch in the video below.

The video was captured by Kurt Houston today. However, CBS 2 Iowa meteorologist, Nick Stewart posted the video on his official Twitter account.

It can be assumed that Huston told Stewart the following: “it’s no longer on the ground”.

Find another video the above mentioned Tornado captured just south of the hospital in Burlington – west of the airport.

The video was captured by Dillan Roth. Roth posted the video on his Facebook account.


Significant Tornado captured on camera northeast of Floyd, Iowa

This is a developing situation. The above feature photo was captured by Amanda Miller today.

Update #3: More video of the Tornado has started to emerge online. Not forgetting to mention photos of damage. Watch the video below.

Update #2: Dashcam footage of Tornado damage from the ground in Charles City, Iowa has emerged online – watch below.

Update: Having studied numerous reports, we are certain this is the Tornado that has struck Charles City, Iowa.

Law enforcement in the area say that there has been some damage to homes in the area. The Floyd County Fairgrounds has suffered significant damage – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: WeatherNation/Danielle Vance

Original Post: A significant Tornado has been captured on camera northeast of Floyd, Iowa – two miles northeast to be precise – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Amanda Miller

The photo was captured today by Amanda Miller. However, Iowa Storm Chasing Network posted the photo on their official Facebook account.

A video taken by Miller has now emerged online on the very same Facebook account – watch below.

It’s only just come to our attention! Video of the above mentioned Tornado can be watched below.

The video was captured by Whittney Franke. Franke posted the video on her official Facebook account around an hour ago.

A more zoomed in version of Franke’s video has now emerged online – watch below.

The photo which can be seen below was captured a few miles out of Colwell, Iowa – a few miles east-northeast of Floyd.

A KIMT News 3 viewer sent the photo into the station.


Tornado captured on camera north of Kalona, Iowa

Only one word needed… Picturesque! A Tornado has been captured on camera north of Kalona, Iowa – watch in the videos below. 

The videos were captured by Ross First on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 24th May. First posted the above videos on his Facebook account.

Find more videos and photos of the Tornado below.

Photo credit: Brad Moeller’s sister
Photo credit: @T_storm

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The May 15th – 16th Tornado outbreak of 1968

Yesterday and today marks the fifty first anniversary of the outbreak.

The May 15th -16th 1968 Tornado outbreak was a significant and deadly event. The outbreak of Tornadoes affected the states listed below.

  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee

This outbreak produced thirty nine Tornadoes from 3:28pm on the 15th May till 2:50am on the 16th May. This included two F5/EF-5 Tornadoes in Iowa1.

Resource credit: National Weather Service

1: The first F5/EF-5 Tornado swept through five counties and sixty five miles. It affected Charles City just before 5:00pm. This particular Tornado destroyed much of the area. Damage figures were estimated up to thirty million dollars in Charles City alone whilst one point five million dollars in damage was recorded elsewhere. This F5/EF-5 killed thirteen people and injured almost four hundred and sixty people.

FYI: The featured photo of this article is that of the F5/EF-5 that struck Charles City – however the photo was captured two miles southwest of the city by Floyd County Sheriff.

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The second F5/EF-5 Tornado affected Fayette County at around 4:57pm. It destroyed or damaged nearly a thousand homes. The hardest hit areas were Oelwein and Maynard where homes were completely swept away from their foundations. Five people were killed by this F5/EF-5 whilst one hundred and sixty were injured.

These were two of four F5/EF-5 Tornadoes that struck the United States during the year of 1968 – the other two; southwestern Ohio on the 23rd April and Minnesota on the 13th June. The next and last official F5/EF-5 Tornado that touched down in Iowa was in Jordan on the 13th June 1976.

The thirty nine Tornadoes spawned during this outbreak killed seventy two people and caused twelve hundred injuries. You can find more details on the outbreak here.

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Imagine looking out your airplane window and seeing this!

As Dan + Shay would say, ‘Speechless’.

Whilst this photo was posted eight months ago, it was definitely worth the rehash. Imagine looking out your airplane window and seeing this!

Photo credit: Reddit – watkinobe

The twin Tornadoes pictured above – were one of many that – struck during the outbreak on the 18th July, 2018 in Iowa.

We will be producing a relive the outbreak in video article for this outbreak in due course.

Post-inspired related article.

Captured on surveillance camera! EF-5 Tornado obliterates house

Preface: This EF-5 was one of hundreds that struck during one of the largest continuous Tornado outbreaks on record – 22nd May – 31st May 2008. 

In this post however, we’ll be focusing on the Parkersburg, Iowa EF-5 Tornado – which struck on the 25th May 2008 – find out more at the bottom of the article.

In the surveillance camera video below, watch the May 2008 Parkersburg, Iowa Tornado completely obliterate a home. 

The surveillance camera footage was captured by the surveillance camera at First State Bank – bank’s drive-up ATM – in Parkersburg. 

The above mentioned Tornado tore a forty three mile-long path across the counties of Butler and Black Hawk in Iowa. 

The EF-5 took the lives of nine people, injuring dozens and causing several millions of dollars worth of damage. 

The Tornado began near the Butler and Grundy County line, two miles south of Aplington, Iowa at 4:48pm (CDT).

The Tornado grew quickly in size and intensity over the next several minutes as it approached Parkersburg. 

The Tornado was nearly three-quarters of a mile wide as it moved through the southern end of Parkersburg at 4:56 (CDT). 

A third of the town experienced devastating damage with nearly two hundred homes completely destroyed. 

The Tornado maintained it’s size and intensity as it moved through New Hartford, Iowa. At 5:09pm (CDT), the severe weather event moved just north of New Hartford, once again causing incredible structural and tree damage. 

The Tornado weakened east of New Hartford with lesser damage as it pushed through portions of northern Black Hawk County – north of the cities of Waterloo and Cedar Falls.

During the weak phase of the Tornado, the parents supercell thunderstorm produced significant straight line winds from a large rear-flank downdraft (RFD) just south of the Tornado’s path. 

Wind speeds of up to one hundred miles per hour were produced simply by the RFD, with a  wind gust to ninety three at 5:37pm (CDT) measured at the Waterloo Airport. 

The Tornado re-intensified and grew nearly one and a  half miles wide north of Dunkerton, Iowa causing significant damage to a farmstead there. The Tornado dissipated just before leaving Black Hawk County at 5:50pm (CDT).