Kansas F2 Tornado lifts home from its foundation

Just incredible! Watch as the 2004 Attica, Kansas F2 – EF-2 – Tornado lifts a home from its foundation in the video below.

The video was captured by Scott McPartland et al – posted on the 2nd September 2010. However, the video was posted on Storm Stock’s official YouTube account.

The description for the above video can be read in full below.

“This tornado formed just to the south of town, and just south of Route 160 which was the road we were on. As it moved northwest, it hit one house on the east side of town, and thankfully…the two occupants inside escaped unharmed.

If this tornado would have formed just a little further to the west, it would have hit the town directly, thankfully this did not happen. The Attica tornado was rated by the old scale, and it was given an F2 rating.”

A longer video for the above one can be found below.

The video was captured by Scott McPartland and posted on the 27th October 2009. McPartland posted the video on his official YouTube account.