Now you see it, now you don’t! Tornado vs. Wind Turbine

The Tornado in the video struck Harper County, Kansas on the 19th May 2012.

Graceful as a dancer! In the video below, watch as a Tornado destroys a wind turbine in the most elegant manner. 

The description for the video can be read below.

“An EF-3 tornado destroys a wind turbine south of Spivey and west of Duquoin in Harper County, Kansas.

The HD video is shown at normal size, then it repeats with the video enlarged and enhanced to show the blades ripped off the wind turbine and flying through the air.

This was one of several Kansas tornadoes intercepted on an unexpectedly prolific tornadic day. This HD video is available for licensing.”

The video was captured by William Hark on the day the Tornado struck. However, danaus posted the video on their YouTube account.

When we saw the video, we had to write about it!