Up close view of a powerful nader! Kansas residents mounted GoPro on fence post ahead of EF-4 Tornado

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand in the path of a powerful Tornado, in this case an EF-4? Well now’s your chance. 

Kansas (KS) residents captured an approximation of that when they mounted/secured a GoPro camera on a fence post before a powerful Tornado swept through the northeastern part of the KS. 

Posted on the Flatlanders Facebook page, the video (which can be watched below) shows an up close and personal view of the EF-4 Tornado that struck the areas of Lawrence and Linwood on the 28th May.

The KS residents of which posted the video on Facebook said their home was damaged significantly by the Tornado, with a truck flipped and thrown fifty yards!

According to The Wichita Eagle, the GoPro was found one hundred yards from where it was mounted/secured. Below, find more relating photos and videos from Flatlanders.


Violent rain-wrapped Tornado rips through Linwood, Kansas: Significant damage reported

The above featured photo is a screen grab taken whilst watching KMBC’s relating stream – the Tornado’s location in the photo above was north of Linwood.

A violent rain-wrapped Tornado ripped through Linwood, Kansas last night, leveling homes and other buildings.

Thankfully, no one was killed, however minor injuries are being reported.

Before 8:00pm last night, emergency crews headed straight to Linwood, Kansas in order to start operations, after reports of damaged structures.

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At least a dozen houses were damaged or destroyed, some wiped from their foundations whilst other were ripped apart by the winds of this destructive Tornado

photos of damage caused by the Tornado can be found in the gallery below.

Video of damage caused by the Tornado can be found below.

On the subject of the Tornado. Whilst you could not see the condensation funnel (term for the funnel), you could see debris being lofted into the air – watch in the video below.

The above video was captured by KAKE TV’s chopper – it’s quite a powerful, gut-wrenching watch. Find more video and photos of the Tornado below.

Photo credit: James Spann via KMBC