Video captures the moment yesterday’s Tornado struck Louisiana Tech University

“This goes to the people taking the video: you and your bros should have been taking shelter.”

Jamie Simms, website lead

Ground view/floor! In the video below, watch the moment yesterday’s EF-3 Tornado struck Louisiana Tech University (LA) in Ruston, LA .

It can be assumed that this video was taken in one of the dorms on the campus of Louisiana Tech University.

It can also be assumed that this video was filmed on Snapchat. As it says.. Wait till the end!

It’s unknown who captured the video! However, what we do know is that this video was posted on Reddit by user brony_dash around twelve hours ago.


Preliminary survey report: EF-3 Tornado swept through Ruston, Louisiana

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According to the National Weather Service storm (damage) survey team, preliminary (prelim) results indicate at least an EF-3 Tornado swept through Ruston, Louisiana (LA) the early hours of Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

The prelim results also indicate that at least an EF-2 Tornado touched down in San Augustine, Texas. Not forgetting to mention an EF-1 Tornado that touched down near Mooringsport, LA.

Going by the Enhanced Fujita Scale, the Ruston Tornado had winds of at least one hundred and thirty five miles per hour or great. The NWS Shreveport branch will release their complete storm report later this evening.

That report will include exact strength and track of the above mentioned Tornadoes.

A mother and her son was killed by this Tornado. Our thoughts, prayers and love go to the family at this time.


Tornado kills two in Ruston, Louisiana: “It’s bad, real bad!” mayor suggests

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Two people have been killed in Ruston, Louisiana (LA) as a Tornado ripped through the town and Louisiana Tech University early this morning – Thursday 25th April.

It has been suggested by the Tornado came through Ruston around 2:30am.

Ruston, LA mayor Ronny Walker confirmed two people were killed, however he declined to identify them. “It’s bad, real bad! We took a direct hit.”

A significant amount of the damage happened along Tech Drive and Cypress Springs – subdivision (south of Interstate 20), however Walker said there was damage throughout the city.

LA Tech University president Les Guice said no serious injuries have been reported so far, however there is serious damage to the university’s baseball and softball fields. Not forgetting to mention there are trees down at Keeney and Hale halls.

The mayor continued by saying the city has suffered a tremendous amount of electrical grid issues. “We can’t even get into some areas yet,” Walker said. “We’ll know more when daylight” comes around.

According to the National Weather Service, warnings began being issued in St. Augustine, Texas at around 11:00pm and warnings continued until about 3:00am – this was when the storm system moved across east Texas and northeastern Louisiana.


UPDATE: Find more photos of damage caused by this Tornado below.

UPDATE #2: A power pole has been completely uprooted after a Tornado swept through Ruston, Louisiana.

UPDATE #3: New photos of the damaged Louisiana Tech University’s softball stadium has emerged – see below.

UPDATE #4: Morning daylight shows the extent of the Tornado damage in Ruston, LA.

UPDATE #5: More video emerges…

Tornado touches down in Ruston, Louisiana: Damage reported

It’s turning out to be a busy night down south in the U.S. A Tornado has touched down in Ruston, Louisiana.

It is being reported that parts of Louisiana Tech University took a direct hit with dorm room windows blown out and damage at the baseball complex.

A photo of damage to a dorm room at the university has emerged online – see below.

Photo credit: Pris Berger

The photo was posted by Pris Berger on her official Facebook account – her son goes to the university.

It has to be said other portions of the city were struck by the Tornado.

UPDATE: Facebook user, Daniel Norred hosted a live Facebook video – around forty minutes ago – showing damage caused by the above mentioned Tornado.

UPDATE #2: Stories from residents have started to emerge on Facebook regarding this Tornado – read below.

UPDATE #3: Photos of damage have started to emerge on social media – see below.

UPDATE #4: Les Guice, president of Louisiana Tech University, has tweeted about the Tornado.