The Chandler-Lake Wilson, Minnesota Tornado of June 16th 1992

Twenty seven years ago today!

On the 16th June 1992, a devastating Tornado ravaged elements of southwest Minnesota (MN). Normally known as the Chandler-Lake Wilson, MN Tornado.

This Tornado destroyed more than seventy five homes with another ninety homes, ten businesses, a church + a school suffered damaged.

Fifty million dollars in damage was caused, forty people suffered injuries and one person was killed by the Tornado.

Source credit: National Weather Service – The approximate path of the Chandler-Lake Wilson tornado.

Based upon a comprehensive damage assessment by the National Weather Service, it’s assessed this F5/EF-5 Tornado had winds in excess of two hundred and sixty miles per hour as it swept through the residential area of Chandler, MN.

Fun fact for you all! This was the only F5/EF-5 to strike in the United States in 1992.

The Chandler-Lake Wilson Tornado touched down shortly after 5:00pm initially near Leota, MN. The Tornado obliterated a two house farmstead just east of Leota as it strengthened and churned its way toward Chandler and Lake Wilson.

Suffice to say the Tornado reached its greatest size and strength as it headed over the hill and directly south of Chandler, churning its way into the residential area of west Chandler at 5:18pm approximately.

The enormous Tornado was on the ground for well over an hour, travelling around thirty five miles across southwest MN, from northwest Nobles County, through Murray County and into southeast Lyon County.

Another fact for you all! The Tornado had a maximum width of three-quarters of a mile wide in the area of Chandler-Lake Wilson area.

The Tornado was a part of a major severe weather event that swept across the northern Plains that week. You can read more on that here.

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