Andy Gabrielson captured the moment a Tornado shreds a house to pieces

Hands down: most incredible Tornado footage.

In the footage below, watch the moment the 2010 Wilkin County, Minnesota Tornado shreds a house to pieces.

The description for the above, which Timmer put together, explains everything you need to know – read below.

“Storm chaser Andy Gabrielson caught this spectacular, up-close Tornado footage in western Minnesota on Saturday, August 7, 2010.

This obviously violent Tornado caused extensive damage in Wilkin County and was rated EF-4. 

Andy reports that the residents of the house that was destroyed were not home at the time.”

The late and legendary Andy Gabrielson lost his life in a tragic accident in Oklahoma – February 2012.

Our thoughts, prayers and love continue to be with Gabrielson’s family and friends. Gabrielson was a well-respected chaser who had gone the distance1 to intercept Tornadoes.

1: One hundred and eighty thousand miles in twenty four states resulting in one hundred and fifty Tornado intercepts.

Suffice to say Gabrielsonwas and still is the most successful well-known chaser “celebrities” – quote comes from AccuWeather.

However, he did not care one bit about the limelight (which we loved about him), he was doing what he was to document for science and save lives.

With that being said, we’re going to be closing on a quote from website lead, Jamie Simms.

“Andy was one of a handful of chasers I started watching when my interest grew. Whilst I didn’t know him personally, I could tell he was a true professional, polite and dedicated to his craft. My thoughts, prayers and love continue to be with his family and friends!”

Jamie Simms, website lead