Unseen video of Burnsville, MS Tornado has emerged online

Unseen video of the 23rd February Burnsville, Mississippi Tornado has emerged online – watch in the video (no sound) below.

Video credit: Dustin Knight

The video was captured by Dustin Knight on the day the Tornado struck – February 23rd. However, instead of posting it…

…Knight sent the video to us – so we could post it! What a champ.


New video of the EF-2 Burnsville, MS Tornado has come to light

Posted two days ago, this video came to our attention.

New video of the EF-2 Burnsville, Mississippi Tornado has come to light – watch in the video below.

Captured by 5stormchasers, the video was posted on their official YouTube account.

The Tornado struck this past Saturday. It’s safe to suggest the following, you get a better look at the Tornado!


National Weather Service confirms an EF-2 Tornado struck Burnsville, MS

Before we get to the video! The National Weather Service (Memphis branch) has confirmed an EF-2 struck Burnsville, Mississippi this past Saturday.

So what does that mean? The following bullet points will explain:

• The EF-2 had an estimated wind speed of one hundred and fifteen miles per hour.
• The EF-2 had a path length of eight miles.
• The EF-2 had a width of one hundred and fifty yards.

We’re happy to report on this one, no injuries/deaths were caused. However, it did cause some significant damage.

We’ve saved the best till last! This has got to be the best video we’ve seen so far. A new video of the significant Burnsville, Mississippi has emerged online – watch below.

The video which was sent to Local 24 Memphis by Nathan Blount (who took the video) on the 24th February 2019.


Storm chasers take direct hit from Tornado after successful intercept


Just like this blog and this blog, this particular piece is not a wordy one! However, you have to read/watch it to see what not to do1

1: This goes out to our storm chasing friends!

…In the videos below, watch as the Outlaw Chasers take a direct from the Tornado that struck Burnsville, Mississippi after a successful Tornado intercept2.

2: Putting INPAR probe into Tornado.

Let us know what you thought of the events in the video above in the comments below.

UPDATE: Outlaw chaser Randy Dean Hicks has shared quite a remarkable screen grab – see below.

Photo credit: Randy Dean Hicks

UPDATE #2 – New video has come to light via AMHQ/The Weather Channel – see below.


Significant Tornado captured on camera near Burnsville, MS

“Oh my goodness! Oh my gosh… Is that a Tornado?”

A significant Tornado has been captured on camera crossing US 72 near Burnsville,
Mississippi – watch in video below.

The video was captured by Uah Swirl and posted today – 23rd February 2019 – on Twitter. We will post more video/photos of this Tornado once it becomes available.

UPDATE: A quite remarkable photo of this significant Tornado has been captured by Alan Matthew – see below.

UPDATE #2: Here’s another photo of this significant Tornado – which we think we can define – as a wedge.

Photo credit: Jamison Roberts

UPDATE #3: New video of this significant Tornado has emerged – watch in the video below.

UPDATE #4: Even more significant video has emerged from this significant Tornado – watch below.

Credit: Chris Dickerson and Dustin Knight

UPDATE #5: The morning after! More video has emerged from this significant Tornado.

UPDATE #6: Fascinating(/fun) vlog about yesterday’s significant Tornado.