MUST SEE VIDEO! Watch Tornado rip roof from house

The Tornado in the below video struck during the severe weather event – outbreak of Tornadoes – of April 2018. Find out more about the event at the bottom of the article.

We’ve watched this footage over and over again! In the video below, watch a Tornado rip the roof from a house in Meridian, Mississippi.

The video was captured by Aeje Chaudhary on the day the Tornado struck – 14th April. However, the video was then sold to RM videos.

Subsequently, the video broker posted the video on their official YouTube account.

During the evening of the 13th April, supercells developed across northeast Louisiana  (LA) within the broad warm sector of strong surface “cyclone” not so far from the border of Kansas/Nebraska.

The storms displayed rotation almost immediately, which then began producing Tornadoes across northern LA.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), two Tornadoes happened in the NWS Jackson, Mississippi (MS – branch) forecast area – association with a supercell that tracked from near Rayville, LA1.

1: north northeastward along the Boeuf River.

It’s suffice to suggest these storms also produced strong wind as they moved into southeast Arkansas (AR). Overnight, the cold front associated with the storm system began to move eastward2.

2: A quasi-linear convective system developed over the ArkLaTex and moved eastward.

Again, according to the NWS, these storms reached the western portion of the Jackson, MS (branch) forecast area after 2:30am on the 14th April. Six Tornadoes touched down during the early morning hours across southwest AR…

…Not forgetting northeast LA – due to this line of above mentioned storms. The storms carried on to produce damaging straight-line winds, knocking down trees and power lines in a number of areas.

Throughout the morning of the 14th April, the storms continued to move eastward into MS. A handful of Tornadoes developed along this line of storms…

…Including one in Flowood, one near Noxapater, one in western Lamar County and the article-related EF-2 Tornado in Meridian.

FYI: Above mentioned areas all based in MS.