Spectacular photos of the Golden City, Missouri Tornado have emerged

Adam Lucio, you are the man! Spectacular photos of Wednesday night’s Golden City, Missouri Tornado have emerged online – see in the photos below.

Photo credit: Adam Lucio
Photo credit: Adam Lucio

As you may have guessed! The photos were indeed captured by Adam Lucio on the day of the Tornado – 22nd May.

Our thoughts, prayers and love continue to be with the people of Golden City. Suffice to say the Tornado devastated the city.   


Killer Tornadoes tear through Missouri, killing three people

The above photo is of the Tornado that struck the city of Jefferson – outside city limits.

Three people have been killed in a Tornado near Joplin and the National Weather Service (NWS) have confirmed a “violent Tornado” in Jefferson City late last night.

At approxmintanly 8:00pm, the NWS stated “a very large and destructive Tornado” had been spotted on the ground in Golden City, which is around forty miles north of Joplin.

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Several hours later, the Missouri Department of Public Safety revealed the sad news that three people were killed in the Tornado

However, the storm system continued to move across the state. This is where it gets nightmarish, at 11:47pm, the NWS said a “violent Tornado” was confirmed in Jefferson City.

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Reports coming out of the city have suggested catastrophic damage has been caused by the Tornado. First responders have been inundated with calls from residents needing help.

2:00am local time, Lieutenant David Williams of the Jefferson City Police Department (JCPD) said there were no confirmed deaths, however several people were injured.

Williams also stated they had received multiple calls of people trapped. Williams called the scene a “chaotic situation”.

Local hospitals did not seen an influx of patients however set up command centers just in case the need arises.

The Missouri Department of Public Safety tweeted that there was a possibility of more Tornadoes and flash flooding.

The NWS said it had received twenty two sightings of Tornadoes by late Wednesday evening, however some of those could be duplicates – same Tornado essentially.

The JCPD saoid there are emergency shelters at the Thomas Jefferson Middle School, YMCA on Stadium and YMCA on Ellis Boulevard for people in need of help.

Governor has told all non-essential government employees to stay away from the city of Jefferson.

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Day break is starting to break, so we’ll start to see more of the damage caused by the Tornado. This will be updating article – posting of videos/photos of damage.



Photo credit: Damon Powers

Large night-time Tornado captured on camera in Golden City, Missouri

Once video emerges, we will post it. With regret, we can confirm three people have been killed by this Tornado and significant damage has been caused.

A Large night-time Tornado has been captured in Golden City, Missouri – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Nathanial Dagley

The photo was captured by Nathanial Dagley on the day the Tornado struck – last night, 22nd May.

However, Emergency Management Associates posted the photo on their official Facebook account. Find more photos of this Tornado below.  

Photo credit: Ethan Strite
Photo credit: Mark Williams
Photo credit: Andrew Pritchard
Photo credit: Chandler Bos