New GoPro footage offers a different perspective of the May 2019 McCook, NE Tornado

The above feature photo is a screen grab which was taken whilst watching Greg Johnson’s video. The GoPro that captured the footage was mounted on the roof ofe the Tornado Hunters truck.

So, you get a storm chasing vehicle perspective, if you get the drift haha.

New footage of the McCook, Nebraska Tornado that struck on the 17th May of this year has emerged online. The GoPro-caught video offers a different and somewhat unique perspective of the Tornado – watched below.

The description for the video can be read in full below.

“This footage of two separate tornadoes on May 17 2019 in McCook Nebraska was shot with a roof mounted GoPro camera. The footage has been sped up to 4x speed.”



Breathtaking probe video of Friday’s McCook, Nebraska Tornado

The feature photo was captured by Tyler Schlitt on the day the Tornado struck – provided with permission. The outlaws outdone themselves this time. Incredible job Randy Hicks and Tyler Schlitt.

Before we get to the video, first things first… How this footage was caught! The above mentioned duo deployed a probe called Cyclops (which has a camera inside) in the path of this Tornado.

1: Kodak 360 – for you technological peeps out there!

Once deployed, the duo retreat to a safe location. Once the Tornado has passed or dissipated, Hicks and Schlitt return to the spot of deployment to retrieve probe…

…The duo would return to a specified location, take the camera out of the probe and remove specific memory cards out of the camera to retrieve video captured.

After retrieving the video, the process of reviewing, editing and posting the video would start. With that being said…

In the footage below, watch the breathtaking probe video of Friday’s McCook, Nebraska Tornado caught by the Cyclops

…Which has subsequently been rated an EF-2. Again, amazing work guys!


Tornado captured on camera southwest of McCook, Nebraska

It’s a bloody beauty! A Tornado has been captured on camera southwest of McCook, Nebraska – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: John Sirlin

The photo was captured by John Sirlin today. Sirlin posted the photo on his official Twitter account minutes ago. Find more photos/video of this Tornado below.

Here’s one more from Sirlin…

Photo credit: John Sirlin
Photo credit: Greg Johnson (north of McCook, Nebraska)
Photo credit: Liz Szewczyk (northeast of McCook, Nebraska)
Photo credit: Winston Wells (north of McCook, Nebraska)
Photo credit: Ryan Shepard
Photo credit: Rich Hamel
Photo credit: Greg McLaughlin

UPDATE: Whilst this was a photogenic Tornado, it’s suffice to suggest it was a destructive one. Photos of damage caused by this Tornado has started to emerge online.