Remarkable probe footage of one of the June 2014 Pilger, Nebraska twin Tornadoes

The video is a pretty long watch, however it’s well worth it. The twin Tornadoes struck Pilger, Nebraska on 16th June 2014 – five years ago yesterday.

FYI: The Tornado you will see in the video was the first one of the two that touched down.

In the video below, watch remarkable probe footage of one of the June 2014 Pilger, Nebraska twin Tornadoes.

The footage was captured by the probe produced by Outlaw Chasers – Randy Dean Hicks, Chris Rice & Lisa McGeough.

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Captured on camera! Tornado hurls a house through the air

Find out more about this Tornadic events at the bottom of the article.

In the video/gif below, watch the June 2014 Pilger, Nebraska (NE) Tornado hurl a house through the air.

The full video is unavailable at this time, however we know the footage was captured by

As a warm and humid atmosphere returned to the central and northern parts of the Plains on the 16th June.

Thunderstorms developed during the morning over central and eastern NE which subsequently moved into western Iowa by the afternoon – early.

The thunderstorms were severe with large hail – some of which was tennis ball size.

The above mentioned morning thunderstorm left a boundary between rain-cooled air to the north and a humid air mass to the south – over eastern NE.

The combination of this boundary and a robust vertical wind shear which lead to a volatile atmosphere1 by the middle of the afternoon over the area on the 16th June 2014.

1: favourable for supercell thunderstorms capable of producing Tornadoes.

Just after 2pm (CDT), thunderstorms began to develop in the atmosphere to the northwest of Columbus, NE.

The above mentioned area of scattered thunderstorms quickly developed into one very powerful supercell over Stanton County, NE that tracked throughout the afternoon.

The supercell thunderstorm produced a total of five Tornadoes, four of which were violent.

The Tornadoes resulted in two deaths, a number injured and millions of dollars in damage.

Suffice to say that this Tornadic event is known for the twin Pilger, NE Tornadoes – find four relating videos below.