Tornado captured on camera in Wake County, North Carolina

That’s a dark nader! A Tornado has been captured on camera in Wake County, North Carolina – Wendell/Zebulon area to be precise – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Preston Harris

The photo was captured by a friend of Preston Harris. However, Harris posted the photo on his official Twitter account.

When more photos of this Tornado emerge, we will post them. Same goes for video! Should video emerge, we will post it.

Gustnado captured on camera in Swan Quarter, North Carolina

A Gustnado has been captured on camera in Swan Quarter, Hyde County in North Carolina – watch in the videos below.

The video was captured by a resident of Swan Quarter on the day the Gustnado struck – Friday 26th April.

However, Hyde County Sheriff’s Office posted the video on their official Facebook account. Find another video of the Gustnado below.


April 2011 Super Tornado Outbreak – relive the outbreak in video

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The April 2011 super Tornado outbreak was one of the biggest, deadliest and most destructive severe weather and Tornado outbreaks in the U.S. Suffice to say some of a handful of the Tornadoes that touched down during the outbreak struck heavily populated areas.

Regardless of alerts well in advance and short term warnings, the Tornadoes/storms killed three hundred and twenty one people and injured almost three thousand people, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA – Storm prediction Center – SPC).

Nearly three hundred and fifty Tornadoes touched down in around of the south, Midwest and northeast states of the U.S. A majority of the Tornadoes that touched down during the April 2011 super outbreak happened on the 27th April, according to the National Weather Service.

The most destructive Tornado, a multiple-vortex EF-4 Tornado, which took the lives of sixty five people and injured more than one thousand people alone swept through Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama during the afternoon/evening on the 27th April.

Suffice to say, within a matter of minutes, ten per cent of Tuscaloosa was destroyed and more than one thousand six hundred people were left homeless – including the students of University of Alabama. It has to be said, the above mentioned Tornado was one point five miles wide with winds of one hundred and ninety miles per hour. 

The Tornado was on the ground for more than eighty miles.

It has to be stated: The same supercell thunderstorm that produced the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Tornado went onto to spawn other Tornadoes that “skipped” along a three hundred and eighty mile long path from Mississippi to North Carolina.

Three EF-5 Tornadoes, twelve EF-4 Tornadoes and twenty one EF-3 Tornadoes struck during the April 2011 super Tornado outbreak. Some of the violent storms coincided areas that were hit with severe weather and Tornadoes earlier in the month. April 2011 was a busy month!

A destructive and deadly Tornado outbreak took place on the 14th – 16th April, when one hundred and seventy eight Tornadoes touched down and resulted in the deaths of almost fourty people across parts of the Plains, south and eastern seaboard.

In closing, April 2011 saw a record seven hundred and fifty Tornadoes strike the U.S, according to the SPC – records go back to 1950.

We didn’t particularly want to make this a wordy article, however we wanted to give this significant outbreak a well-balanced and detailed introduction. Now you’ve read about it, now relive the April 2011 super outbreak thru the lens of a camera in the videos below.

Find an extensive video playlist of the Hackleburg/Phil Campbell EF5 Tornado below.

Furthermore, TV coverage and documentaries in regards to this outbreak can be found below.

UPDATE: A reader brought it to our attention that Smithville, Mississippi was struck by an EF-5 Tornado on the 27th April 2011 – watch two videos of the Tornado below.


Waterspout captured on camera on Knotts Island, North Carolina

A Waterspout has been captured on camera on Knotts Island in North Carolina1 – see in the photos below.

Photo credit: Alec Butler
Photo credit: Alec Butler

1: Looking north into southern Virginia.

The photos were captured by Alec Butler today – 26th April. Butler posted the photos on his official Twitter account. Find more of our articles on Waterspouts here.

WOAH! Watch Tornado obliterate Walgreens store in a matter of seconds

The Tornado in the video struck Wilson, North Carolina in April 2011 – late afternoon.

It’s something you have to see! In the video below, watch a Tornado demolish a Walgreens store in a matter of seconds.

The video was captured by Steven Hoag on the day the Tornado struck – 16th April 2011. However, the video was posted on ViralVideoUK’s official YouTube account.