26th May 2014 Watford City, ND Tornado – relive the Tornado in video

This tornadic event happened five years ago yesterday.

We remember this Tornado for the video that emerged afterwards! A handful of supercell thunderstorms formed in eastern Montana and moved into the northwest region of North Dakota (ND) late in the afternoon on the 26th May 2014.

Initially, storms produced significant hail and lots of rain. However in the early evening, reports were of rotating wall clouds and potential funnel clouds were received from numerous locations in McKenzie County, ND.

An EF-2 Tornado touched down six miles south of the city of Watford, and caused significant damage to an RV park that was serving as a semi-permanent housing facility1 for oil workers.   

1: Thirteen campers, serving as homes, were completely destroyed and two more were damaged by this Tornado. Other damaged included a snapped wooden power line pole, vehicles and fences – wooden/metal.

One vehicle was thrown sixty feet and flipped onto its roof, with a trailer parked next to its initial location also flipped and completely destroyed. Thankfully, no one was killed, however nine people were injured.

We didn’t particularly want to make this a wordy article, however we wanted to give this Tornado a detailed introduction. Now you’ve read about it…

…In the videos below, relive the EF-2 Watford City, ND Tornado that struck on the 26th May 2014.