Spectacular video of the 2015 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

We’ve never seen this before, if we’re honest. Find out more about this Tornado at the bottom of the article.

Captured on a news broadcast! Find a spectacular video of the 25th March 2015 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado below.

The video was posted by KOLR10 & Ozarks Local News a day after the Tornado struck – 26th March 2015.

The news outlet posted it on their official Facebook account. Watch KFOR’s broadcast of the 25th March 2015 Tornado below.

An entrenched, erratic Tornado – inc. damaging thunderstorm winds – occurred on the evening of the 25th March 2015. The Tornado affected areas of southwest Oklahoma and Moore. The path of wind damage varied from 0.1 miles to 0.6 miles in width1.

1: With evidence of a narrow Tornado observed intermittently within this area of damage.

The damage started near Southwest 119th Street and May Avenue in southwest Oklahoma City – which moved through Moore – and ended about ½ mile south-southeast of Northeast 36th Avenue and Indian Hills Road in extreme northern Norman.

The most consistent evidence of a Tornado was observed from southwest of Northwest 12th Street and Santa Fe Avenue to near Southwest 7th Street and Broadway Avenue in Moore. The low-end EF-2 damage was observed in a small area of Moore.

Breathtaking up close videos of the 2013 EF-5 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

This Tornado was one of many that struck Oklahoma during the outbreak of the 20th May 2013. More on that can be found below the videos.

Find three breathtaking and up close videos of the EF-5 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado below.

Each video lasts around two minutes and fifty seconds – definitely worth the watch.

Anyways, let’s talk about the Tornado outbreak of 20th May 2013…

A Tornado outbreak happened during the afternoon/evening hours of the 20th May 2013 – last day of a three-day stretch of significant weather from 18th-20th May 2013.

It’s safe to suggest this weather event produced the most deadly and devastating tornado of the year for Oklahoma and the United States of America.

A handful of supercell thunderstorms developed during the early afternoon throughout the afternoon on the 20th May – along dryline in central Oklahoma.

One of these significant supercell thunderstorms developed near Chickasha and rapidly intensified, producing a Tornado which then touched the ground at 2:56pm on the west side of Newcastle, Oklahoma.

This Tornado went on to become violent within minutes, then tracked across the city of Moore and then parts of south Oklahoma City for around forty minutes – before dissipating.

This Tornado caused catastrophic damage in these areas, was given an EF-5 rating – as mentioned above.

The Tornado claimed twenty four lives, injured a significant amount of people and caused billions of dollars in damage. 

It’s also worth to suggest that several other Tornadoes occurred during the afternoon of the 20th May 2013 – Stephens and Lincoln Counties.

In addition to the Tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds caused “significant” damage. Find more videos from this Tornadic event below.