Four OUTSTANDING photos of the May 22nd Okmulgee, OK Tornado

The above feature photo was captured by Shelby Schaefer on the day the Tornado struck. Provided with permission.

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These shots definitely got our attention. The four outstanding photos below perfectly document the Tornado that struck Okmulgee, Oklahoma on the 22nd May.

Juston Drake and Simon Brewer captured the above incredible shots. The above photos were embedded via Drake’s Facebook post.

Find some more incredible photos of the Tornado below, these shots were captured by Blake Brown.

Suffice to say we didn’t cover this Tornado as much as we did the one in Okemah. With that being said, relive the 22nd May Okmulgee, Oklahoma Tornado in the videos below.

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Tornado captured on camera in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma

Once video becomes available, we will post it. Turning out to be a Tornadic day!

A Tornado has been captured on camera in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma – noreth of Okmulgee to be precise – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Jeremy Boone

The photo was captured by News On 6 viewer Jeremy Boone today. However, News On 6 meteorologist posted the photo on his official Twitter account.

UPDATE: A video of the Tornado has now emerged online. Watch the brilliant footage below.