9th May 2016 Oklahoma Tornado outbreak – relive the outbreak in video

We wrote about one of the Tornadoes that struck during this outbreak yesterday – find article here.

Severe thunderstorms developed along/ahead of a dryline across central Oklahoma
during the afternoon on the 9th May 2016.

The thunderstorms swept across central and eastern Oklahoma during the evening hours. Before the storms moved into the area, the atmosphere ahead of the dryline in central and eastern Oklahoma had become very unstable.

The above mentioned instability, combined with extremely strong wind shear – associated with a strong trough of low pressure that moved into the southern Plains from the southern Rockies – led to the development of supercell thunderstorms.

A handful of these supercell thunderstorms produced a number of Tornadoes. It’s safe to suggest some of these Tornadoes were damaging and long-lived Tornadoes – two of which were killer.

One of the Tornadoes that struck was the Katie, Oklahoma Tornado – which killed one person and was rated EF-4. Another Tornado that happened in Johnston and Coal counties also killed one person and was rated EF-3.

One of the supercell thunderstorms mentioned above produced multiple Tornadoes as it tracked along and near an outflow boundary which earlier produced morning thunderstorms tied with a previous system.

The boundary had settled across southwestern Oklahoma by the afternoon. The most noteworthy Tornado associated with this thunderstorm was the EF-3 Tornado which happened near the towns of Bennington and Boswell.

With that being said, relive the outbreak of Tornadoes in the videos below.


Katie-Wynnewood, OK EF-4 Tornado takes out house

Watch as the 2016 Katie-Wynnewood, Oklahoma EF-4 Tornado takes out a house in the video below.

The video was captured Dick McGowan and posted on the day Tornado struck – 9th May 2016. McGowan posted the video on his official YouTube account.

It’s safe to suggest that there is a significant amount of video of this Tornado – find a handful more videos below.

UPDATE: Whilst we focused on the videos in this particular article. We wanted to make you aware of the following…

…This particular Tornado was one of many that struck during the 9th May 2016 Oklahoma Tornado outbreak.

We will be producing a relive the outbreak in video article on this in due course.