NWS heading to San Augustine, TX to survey damage from Tornado

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The National Weather Service (NWS – Shreveport, Louisiana branch) are sending a team to survey damage after a Tornado touched down Wednesday night/Thursday morning – early hours.

NWS reported a long-tracked supercell thunderstorm passed through deep east Texas, west-central Louisiana moving into the Arkansas/Louisiana area. 

The NWS reported the “potential” storm damage path is approximately one hundred and fifty miles long with “possible” Tornado damage reported in a number of counties/parishes.

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Tornadoes by state so far this year visualised in one incredible map

The visualisation below illustrates how many Tornadoes have struck each state of the U.S. so far this year.

Visualisation credit: Taylor Kanost

Suffice to say, Dixie Alley has been significantly active.

Sixty Tornadoes have struck Mississippi, fifty three Tornadoes have struck Alabama and thirty six Tornadoes have struck Georgia.

Texas has seen thirty four Tornadoes touch down in the state.

FYI: We Are Iowa’s morning meteorologist Taylor Kanost posted the visualisation on his official Twitter account.


Visualisations illustrate the most Tornadoes in a calendar day by state

Full credit goes to Ian Livingston of U.S. Tornadoes.

Before we get into the post, we highly recommend you fully read Livingstone’s article. It’s detailed and fascinating read.

The three visualisations below illustrate the most Tornadoes in a calendar day by state.

Visualisation credit: U.S. Tornadoes
Visualisation credit: U.S. Tornadoes
Visualisation credit: U.S. Tornadoes

PSA: The above visualisations were produced last year, 2018.

We highly recommend that you read more of Livingston’s work. Find links for more of his work below:

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