Watch multi-vortex Tornado destroy barn and dance on pond

You have to see it to believe it! Find out more about this particular Tornado at the bottom of the article. 

In the video below, watch the June 2014 EF-4 (near) Alpena, South Dakota multi-vortex Tornado destroy a barn and dance on a pond. 

Dick McGowan captured the video on the day the Tornado struck – 18th June 2014. McGowan posted the video  on his official YouTube account.

With that being said, now read a little bit about the Tornado.

A damaging and violent Tornado developed early Wednesday evening on the above mentioned date southeast of Lane, South Dakota and traveled north. 

 The Tornado was on the ground for around forty minutes and affected two family farms along its path with one family at home during the Tornado. 

That above mentioned family heard the Tornado warning and moved to their basement as the Tornado approached. 

The Tornado increased in strength – reaching maximum intensity, producing one hundred and seventy miles per hour winds – near their location.

Debris fell upon the family whilst in their basement – resulting in a minor injury and the death of a pet.

Both the husband and wife, as well as other family members, credit the early warning for their safety. Thank the lord for the NWS.