Watch EF-4 Tornado demolish three high voltage transmission towers

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This video is superb! In the footage below, watch the 22nd May 2010 Bowdle, South Dakota (SD) EF-4 Tornado obliterate three high voltage transmission towers.

We’re so glad this footage was brought to our attention. The video was posted by Bill Hark on his Facebook account on the 26th March.

A handful of supercell thunderstorms developed along a very powerful warm front which resulted in eight Tornadoes being produced from Akaska to Bowdle to Hecla, SD.

The most significant Tornado out of the eight that touched down was an EF-4 which occurred near Bowdle.

This was the first EF-4 Tornado in SD since the destructive F4 Tornado on the 24th June 2003 near Manchester, SD.

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