Storm chasers take direct hit from Tornado after successful intercept


Just like this blog and this blog, this particular piece is not a wordy one! However, you have to read/watch it to see what not to do1

1: This goes out to our storm chasing friends!

…In the videos below, watch as the Outlaw Chasers take a direct from the Tornado that struck Burnsville, Mississippi after a successful Tornado intercept2.

2: Putting INPAR probe into Tornado.

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UPDATE: Outlaw chaser Randy Dean Hicks has shared quite a remarkable screen grab – see below.

Photo credit: Randy Dean Hicks

UPDATE #2 – New video has come to light via AMHQ/The Weather Channel – see below.


Japan developing new technology to detect Tornadoes in advance

Exciting news! According to Gizmodo, officials in Tokyo are developing(& testing – as reported) on new technology that uses Weather radar and terrestrial digital radio waves to “quickly and precisely predict torrential rain and Tornadoes1” up to twenty to thirty minutes before they occur.

1: quote comes from

The technology is being developed by industry, government and academic officials – including National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). The technology is intended to be ready for deployment before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Below, find three videos of Tornadoes that have struck Japan – Tokyo etc.