Tornado captured on camera in Baylor County, Texas

This is a developing story.

A Tornado has been captured on camera in Baylor County, Texas – south of Seymour to be precise – watch in the video below.

Find a handful of photos of the above Tornadoes below.

Photo credit: Kyle Davies
Photo credit: Kyle Davies

The video and photos were captured by Kyle Davies today. Davies posted the shots and video minutes ago on his official Facebook account.

UPDATE: Australian storm chaser, Daniel Shaw is currently on scene as the video below illustrates.

UPDATE #2: Photos of the above Tornado have started to emerge online – see in the shots below.

Photo credit: Travels & Chase (@TRAVELSnCHASES)
Photo credit: Roger Hill – Severe Studios
Photo credit: Marcus Hustedde

UPDATE #3: Watch a “live” – stream ended – of the above Tornado.