28th March 2000 Fort Worth, Texas Tornado – relive the Tornado in video

We know we’re a day late, however we wanted to make this post special. We also have to acknowledge that a Tornado struck Arlington, Texas, the very same day.

This post was inspired by the above video.

We’re going to be focusing on the Fort Worth (FW) Tornado. We’re going to start from right from the beginning.

The first FW Tornado damage was reported near Castleberry High School, around four miles west of downtown FW at 6:18pm. Further roof/tree damage happened in the Monticello neighbourhood of River Oaks – FW.

A number of businesses were then damaged or then significantly destroyed near the intersection of Camp Bowie and West 7th at 6:20pm.

The Tornado then moved east along West 7th, hitting the Montgomery Ward building and the adjacent Linwood neighbourhood.

The Tornado then went to damage the six-story Cash America building extensively – almost destroying it. The Mallick Tower and Calvary Cathedral buildings also sustained significant amount of damage – approximately at 6:24pm.

However, the Tornado then weakened as it entered downtown FW. Wind-borne debris broke thousands of windows in buildings and high rises. Hard hit was the Bank One building, which around eighty per cent of its windows broken.

Approxmintanly one thousand three hundred windows of The Union Pacific Resources building sustained damaged.

The building had five thousand windows, so that should tell you something.

A number of vehicles in the streets and parking lots also suffered damage. The Tornado dissipated as it moved east of downtown Fort Worth, although minor damage occurred to roofs, trees, fences and billboards around three miles east of the city.

Two people lost their lives as a direct result of the Tornado. One was killed while trying to reach shelter after warning others. The other was killed by a wall that collapsed on him – sadly he was homeless.

Eighty other people were injured, however only six required hospitalisation.

With that being said, relive the Fort Worth, Texas Tornado of the 28th March 2000 in the videos below.