Reported strong Tornado causes extensive damage in Greenville, Texas

Update: According to the National Weather Service office in Fort Worth, Texas, the damage caused in the town of Greenville was caused by straight-line-winds and not a Tornado.

Original post: There is extensive damage in the town of Greenville, Texas following a reported strong Tornado that struck last night. It’s also been reported that it was rain-wrapped.

The reported Tornado swept through the town just before 6:00pm, causing extensive damage to buildings (churches1), leaving a trail of downed trees and power lines.

1: It’s suffice to suggest a number of churches were having services or bible study last night. This was the situation at Highland Terrace Baptist Church on the outskirts of the town. Families were gathered with their pastors in the church when a portion of the roof was ripped off by the reported Tornado.

Photo gallery of damage caused can be found below.

As the photo gallery above illustrates, multiple buildings downtown Greenville suffered extensive damage. Initial reports suggested the downtown area was the hardest hit.

Video of the damage caused by this reported Tornado in the downtown area can be found below.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have been working together to keep some areas of the town blocked off that have downed power lines and polls.

The roof of one business was completely ripped off, ending up crumpled in the street. A classic car business had its glass windows blown out.

The initial call for first responders was significant, due to damage affecting such a densely populated area. There were no reports of serious injuries thankfully.

Should photos or video of the reported emerge, we will post them. Find more of our articles on Tornadoes that have struck the state of Texas here.