27th May 1997 F5 Jarrell, Texas Tornado – relive the Tornado in video

The F5 Jarrell, Texas Tornado was one of a number that struck on the 27th May 1997 – an article on the other Tornadoes will be produced in due course.

At approximately 3:45pm (CDT) on the 27th May 1997, a violent F5 Tornado struck portions of Jarrell, Texas. The Tornado took the lives of twenty seven people and causing devastating damage – blowing houses completely off the foundations…

… Not to mention it swept away the disintegrated remains.

The F5 also scoured asphalt from roads, killed and dismembered hundreds of cattle. It also stripped/uprooted them and bounced vehicles for up to half a mile from their parking places.

For a more in-depth look at the Jarrell, Texas Tornado, we highly suggest you read stormstalker’s article on the F5 – click here to read.

With that being said, relive the 27th May 1997 F5 Jarrell, Texas Tornado in the videos below.  

Documentaries on the Tornado can be found below.