Video of yesterday’s photogenic Tornado in Midland County, Texas

Stovepipe in the Plains! In the footage below, watch a video of yesterday’s photogenic Tornado in Midland County, Texas.

The footage above was captured near Highways 385 & 1787.

The video was captured by Twitter user, AwesomeB_man. However, the Lone Star Weather Center posted the video on their official Facebook account. 


Drunk driver arrested after crashing into NWS building in Texas

We guess he wanted to take a look at the radar scans for this weekend’s potential severe weather outbreak.

A man has was arrested for drunk driving after an accident in Midland, Texas. Wondering how this is Tornado videos related? You’ll find out in one sec…

…According to police, the drunk driver crashed into the National Weather Service (NWS – Midland branch) building causing damage to the exterior. No injuries were reported.

However, the driver remains in police custody.

Photo credit: KWES