8th June 1995 Pampa, Texas Tornado – relive the Tornado in video

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The F4/EF-4 Pampa, Texas (TX) Tornado struck during the June 1995 Tornado event. Read a brief overview on this Tornado below.

The F4/EF-4 Pampa, TX Tornado – that swept through the west side of town – is considered the costliest and most destructive in Pampa’s history.

The slow moving and sleek Tornado was on the ground for around fifteen minutes, leaving a path of destruction three miles long.

When the Tornado dissipated, dozens of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed causing almost thirty million dollars in damage.

With that being said, let’s move onto the next part of this article. In the videos below, relive the F4/EF-4 Pampa, Texas Tornado that struck on the 8th June 1995.