This is how you destroy a Tornado…

… Posted inspired by Popular Science. One of the most confusing, thought-provoking pieces, we’ve put together.

One day in the future, will satellites forestall a Tornado’s formation, instead of just recording the aftermath of one?

Back in 2003, Popular Science (PS) reader Robert Hayes asked the following question: “Is there some way a small, non-deadly atomic bomb that could somehow blow apart a Tornado as it forms?”

Some would say this idea is a crazy one! However, Popular Science took the time to check it out – even the non-deadly atomic bomb element.

Low and behold, it would seem researchers are/were working hard to devising ways in order to control deadly/damaging weather event such as Tornadoes, Hurricanes…

… Hoping to put their ideas to test in the coming decades – PS post was originally written in 2003, we’re now in 2019. We somehow don’t see it happening… just… yet. Any storm depends on a number of complex, related elements – heat flows, wind movements etc.

The bog-standard anti-storm strategy is to take one small element – “amendable” one – from the above mentioned complex elements and change it. For example: “Throwing a wrench into the smallest cog at a factory in hopes that disrupting one element of the system which will cause the entire assembly line to close.”

However, disrupting one element of a Tornado (supercell thunderstorm), Hurricane will be mightily difficult. Listed below are three ideas which are/still in the works:

1: To stop a Tornado forming, just heat the cold downdraft until it’s warm. How would you be able to do this? Simple: blast the cold downdraft with beams of microwaves from a fleet of satellites – these would collect solar energy, transforming it into microwaves which then will send a beam down to planet Earth.

2: Stopping powerful Hurricanes forming: Hurricanes tend to get most of the energy from evaporating seawater – which is the main reason why they quickly lose strength as they make landfall. To stop the evaporating seawater, this should prevent or at least weaken a Hurricane before it makes landfall.

3: Diverting the path of a Hurricane by simply heating the atmosphere in its path, with microwave satellites. Not forgetting a giant orbiting mirror that reflects the sun’s energy.

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