Rocket with weather sensor launched into wedge Tornado

Dorothy, she’s flying baby! Look at that! Knowing Reed and the type of guy he is! He’s going to be on Cloud nine!

Team Dominator DOMINATED! In the videos below, watch the moment a rocket with a weather sensor (attached) is launched into a wedge Tornado.

The following video was then posted after the above ones, shows one of the team receiving meteorological data from the sensor inside the Tornado1.

Preliminary data indicates that the Tornado lofted the rocket sensor ten thousand meters or thirty thousand feet in a matter of minutes.

We’re not going to explain anymore, just enjoy the excitement that’s within The Dominator.

1: The Tornado in question is that of the one that struck Lawrence, Linwood, Kansas – the probe was launched just south of Lawrence.  

How did the team celebrate after a successful day you ask? They went to Applebee’s! Great choice!

Photo credit: @ChasinSpin

We’ve covered the Linwood, Kansas Tornado, we will be producing an article on the Lawrence, Kansas Tornado in due course.


Breathtaking probe video of Friday’s McCook, Nebraska Tornado

The feature photo was captured by Tyler Schlitt on the day the Tornado struck – provided with permission. The outlaws outdone themselves this time. Incredible job Randy Hicks and Tyler Schlitt.

Before we get to the video, first things first… How this footage was caught! The above mentioned duo deployed a probe called Cyclops (which has a camera inside) in the path of this Tornado.

1: Kodak 360 – for you technological peeps out there!

Once deployed, the duo retreat to a safe location. Once the Tornado has passed or dissipated, Hicks and Schlitt return to the spot of deployment to retrieve probe…

…The duo would return to a specified location, take the camera out of the probe and remove specific memory cards out of the camera to retrieve video captured.

After retrieving the video, the process of reviewing, editing and posting the video would start. With that being said…

In the footage below, watch the breathtaking probe video of Friday’s McCook, Nebraska Tornado caught by the Cyclops

…Which has subsequently been rated an EF-2. Again, amazing work guys!


HE IS THE EXTREME! Watch Reed Timmer intercept Tornado on foot!

Suffice to say the Dominator 3 and drones were involved. In the video below, watch Reed Timmer and his team intercept a Tornado on foot.

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The Tornado in the above video struck just west of McCook, Nebraska. You can find our article on the Tornado here.


Strong Tornado captured on camera near Dodge City, Kansas

Extreme close range intercept – 50 YARDS AWAY!

This video looks set to go viral. During an extreme close range intercept, a strong night-time Tornado was captured on camera near Dodge City, Kansas.

The video was captured by Derek Smith on the day the Tornado struck – last night, 17th May.

However, the video was then posted by Live Storms Media on their official YouTube account.

Find more of our articles on Tornadoes that have struck the state of Kansas here.

Close up video of yesterday’s Tulia, Texas Tornado has emerged

So that’s what you can see behind the rain curtain! A close up video of yesterday’s Tulia, Texas Tornado has emerged online – watch in the video below.

The description for the video can be read below.

“Begins with satellite tornado crossing within 50 yards of our location. Extreme close up intercept of mutli-vortex tornado intercept near Tulia, TX.

You can see a drill bit tornado cross in front of the road then a satellite tornado crosses within 50 yards of our position. It then wedges out to our east.”

The video was captured by Mike Prendergast/Eric Hassfurther on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 7th May. However…

…Live Storms Media posted the video on their official YouTube account.


CAPTURED ON CAMERA: This is what it’s like to be inside a Tornado

The Tornado in this video struck northern Kansas on the 27th May 2013.

Not much needs to be said about this video: this is what it’s like to be inside a Tornado – watch below.

The description for the above video can be found below.

“Meteorologist Brandon Ivey leads the TIV2 into a violent, wedge tornado over northern Kansas on May 27th, 2013.”

Dominator 3: A storm chasing vehicle with one sole purpose…

… To intercept Tornadoes.

It’s quite possibly one of the most fascinating things you’ll see driving down the highway, and it has one sole purpose…

…To intercept Tornadoes! This is the Dominator 3 (Dom 3). The Dom 3 is a storm chasing vehicle which is based on a Ford – super duty – truck.

It’s used by a handful of chasers, including AccuWeather’s extreme meteorologist, Dr. Reed Timmer.

Designed to withstand an EF-5 Tornadoes, packing two hundred mile per hour wind speeds. The Dom 3 is literally used for intercepting Tornadoes.

The exterior of the vehicle is armoured platted. On top of the vehicle are several weather instruments, used to aid in a chaser and gather more data – including rockets.

Credit: AccuWeather

The rockets – which can be seen in the above screen capture – will carry multiple sensors into the air.

The interior of the vehicle is also COMPLETELY DECKED OUT! In the below quote, Dr Timmer explains the some of the functionality of the vehicle.

“This is the cockpit of the Dominator 3, here you can see the real time display of wind speed and direction from the roof-mounted anemometer. So as we get close to the Tornado or even inside severe weather, we can report how strong those winds are.”   

Reed Timmer, AccuWeather extreme meteorologist.