New Chevrolet commercial features renowned storm chasers

We had to write about it! In the video below, watch a new Chevrolet commercial which features renowned storm chasers, Roger and Caryn Hill.   

You can read the video’s description below.

“Roger Hill loves severe weather. And over the past three decades, he has personally witnessed more than 650 tornadoes – more than anyone on earth. After years of chasing in his free time, he turned his passion into a career, starting Silver Lining Tours. Now, together with his wife Caryn, he guides groups across the country to witness severe weather.

 It’s his dream job, but it’s also demanding; during storm season, Roger and Caryn are on the road for more 100 days straight, driving hundreds of miles per day in pursuit of Mother Nature.

But before the season begins, they go storm chasing as a couple. It’s a promise they made to each other, a yearly adventure that takes them driving across America’s stunning landscape. Watch as Roger and Caryn Hill traverse several states hunting the perfect storm.”

The video was brought to our attention by Roger Hill, however the commercial was posted by CNN. The commercial is currently unlisted on YouTube.

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This video shows what you should do and shouldn’t do if you see a Tornado whilst you’re out driving

The above featured photo is a screen grab taken whilst watching the video produced by The Weather Channel.


The video below shows what you should do and shouldn’t do if you see a Tornado whilst you’re out driving.

The Weather Channel have once again used Immersive Mixed Reality technology to its advantage. We can’t forget Alexandra Wilson, who featured in the video throughout.

She done a great job explaining everything you need to know! Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below.

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Meteorologist Jamie Simpson tells viewers to stop complaining about Tornado warnings interrupting ‘The Bachelorette’

“GOD BLESS THIS MAN! He had the balls to do it live on the air!” Jamie Simms, website lead.

Last night, a large and destructive Tornado swept through Dayton, Ohio (OH). However, that wasn’t the only storm Dayton residents were facing.

Fox 45 meteorologist, Jamie Simpson launched into a passionate excoriation of the viewers during a live Tornado warning broadcast when people started to complain on social media that the warning broadcast was interrupting The Bachelorette. BOO HOO!

Let’s starting from the beginning! A Tornado watch was issued last night through to 2;00am, local time for OH. The Fox 45 meteorologist was giving live updates on the Tornado, which would cause significant damage to the Dayton area later on that night…

…Then he started to see complaints come in on social media.

In the video below, listen to what Simpson had to say on the complains – transcription can be read underneath.

“Just checking on social media, we have (some) folks complaining already, ‘just go back to the show’.

No, we’re not going back to the show folks! This is a dangerous situation, okay?

It’s your own neighbourhood. I’m sick and tired of people complaining about this. Our job here is to keep you safe and that’s what we’re going to do.

Some of you complain that this is all about my ego. Stop, okay? Just stop right now. It’s not! I’m done with you people, I really am. This is pathetic!”

Simpson later on went to apologise and say; “it really bothers me that people don’t care other people’s safety around here”.

Social media users – in particular Twitter – took to the platform to praise Simpson for his work following what has been called, ‘”the scariest night of their lives” – read relating tweets below.

Another video of this event can be watched below.

Twin Tornadoes captured on camera near Crescent, Oklahoma

Wow! just wow! Twin Tornadoes have been captured on camera near Crescent, Oklahoma – Logan County to be precise – watch in the video below.

The video was captured today by KOCO 5’s Sky 5 helicopter – the news station posted the footage on their official Twitter account around forty five minutes ago.

Once more videos/photos emerge, we will post them.


TORNADO! The Kalamazoo, Michigan Tornado of May 13th 1980

On the 13th May 1980, A F3/EF3 Tornado struck the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Tornado first touched down at 4:00pm eight miles of the city limits, it steadly moved eastward through downtown Kalamazoo.

Photo credit: Kalamazoo public library

The Tornado dissipated east of the city at around 4:25pm. So essentially, the Tornado was on the ground for twenty five minutes.Twenty five minutes had passed by, however the devastation left in the wake of this Tornado was substantial.

Five people died, seventy nine injured and over fifty million dollars in property damage. William Milliken walked through the area hours later, and suggested the following: “It reminds me of a bombed out city”’

We highly recommend you read the Kalamazoo public library’s dedicated webpage on the Tornado, click here to take a read…

…We didn’t particularly want to make this a wordy article, however we wanted to give this Tornado a substantial introduction.

Now you’ve read about it, now relive the Kalamazoo, Michigan Tornado of May 13th 1980 thru the lens of a camera in the videos below.  

Find an incredible gallery of photos of damage caused by this Tornado here.

The Great Miami, Florida Tornado of May 12th 1997

Twenty two years ago yesterday this photogenic Tornado/Waterspout struck the Florida city. On the 12th May 1997, at around 2:00pm, am F1/EF-1 Tornado produced substantial amount of damage as it swept through the downtown area of Miami.   

The Tornado developed southwest of the city and first touched down in the Silver Bluff Estates area. Find out more about the Tornado’s path here.

The Tornado produced roof damage to an apartment complex and a number of houses in the area of Little Havana. In the Miami downtown, windows were blown out of several buildings including nearly every south facing window on the first three floors of The Citadel Building.

Several cars were damaged by flying debris in the WTVJ-NBC parking lot. Other cars were overturned or blown several yards when the Tornado moved through the parking lot of the Bell South office building.

A Metro Mover vehicle on Miami’s public transportation elevated rail system was derailed as the Tornado neared the Government Center in downtown Miami. Around a dozen injuries were attributed to the Tornado.

With that being said, let’s move onto the next part of this article. In the videos below, relive the F1/EF-1 Miami, Florida Tornado that struck on the 12th May 1997.

It was reported that this Tornado/Waterspout killed hundreds of wild chickens… We thought to add that!


April 2011 Super Tornado Outbreak – relive the outbreak in video

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The April 2011 super Tornado outbreak was one of the biggest, deadliest and most destructive severe weather and Tornado outbreaks in the U.S. Suffice to say some of a handful of the Tornadoes that touched down during the outbreak struck heavily populated areas.

Regardless of alerts well in advance and short term warnings, the Tornadoes/storms killed three hundred and twenty one people and injured almost three thousand people, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA – Storm prediction Center – SPC).

Nearly three hundred and fifty Tornadoes touched down in around of the south, Midwest and northeast states of the U.S. A majority of the Tornadoes that touched down during the April 2011 super outbreak happened on the 27th April, according to the National Weather Service.

The most destructive Tornado, a multiple-vortex EF-4 Tornado, which took the lives of sixty five people and injured more than one thousand people alone swept through Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama during the afternoon/evening on the 27th April.

Suffice to say, within a matter of minutes, ten per cent of Tuscaloosa was destroyed and more than one thousand six hundred people were left homeless – including the students of University of Alabama. It has to be said, the above mentioned Tornado was one point five miles wide with winds of one hundred and ninety miles per hour. 

The Tornado was on the ground for more than eighty miles.

It has to be stated: The same supercell thunderstorm that produced the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Tornado went onto to spawn other Tornadoes that “skipped” along a three hundred and eighty mile long path from Mississippi to North Carolina.

Three EF-5 Tornadoes, twelve EF-4 Tornadoes and twenty one EF-3 Tornadoes struck during the April 2011 super Tornado outbreak. Some of the violent storms coincided areas that were hit with severe weather and Tornadoes earlier in the month. April 2011 was a busy month!

A destructive and deadly Tornado outbreak took place on the 14th – 16th April, when one hundred and seventy eight Tornadoes touched down and resulted in the deaths of almost fourty people across parts of the Plains, south and eastern seaboard.

In closing, April 2011 saw a record seven hundred and fifty Tornadoes strike the U.S, according to the SPC – records go back to 1950.

We didn’t particularly want to make this a wordy article, however we wanted to give this significant outbreak a well-balanced and detailed introduction. Now you’ve read about it, now relive the April 2011 super outbreak thru the lens of a camera in the videos below.

Find an extensive video playlist of the Hackleburg/Phil Campbell EF5 Tornado below.

Furthermore, TV coverage and documentaries in regards to this outbreak can be found below.

UPDATE: A reader brought it to our attention that Smithville, Mississippi was struck by an EF-5 Tornado on the 27th April 2011 – watch two videos of the Tornado below.


WTVA chief meteorologist reprimands off-camera employee, John Dolusic

Dolusic would appear to be the radar-operator for the station on the day of the severe weather event.

FYI: The videos appeared on social media website, Twitter on the 14th April 2019.

In the videos below, watch Emmy-award winning chief meteorologist, Matt Laubhan reprimand the off-camera employee.

Video #1: Laubhan’s claps to get Dolusic’s attention…

Video credit:Timothy Burke

Video #2: Dolusic moves over to the other side of the green screen, in hopes to evade Laubhan. However, it didn’t work! Laubhan tells Dolusic to get off his phone.

Video credit: Brad Logan

“Gosh darn it John! You can’t be on your phone when lives are in danger!”

Video #3: Laubhan reprimands Dolusic one more time.

Video credit: George – @gac8

Laubhan brought Dolusic on his show to apologise later on – even though the clips had gone viral – watch in the video below (apologise for the quality).

Video credit: James Lott

“You could say it was the heat of the moment, however the above video proves no hard feelings.”

Captured on camera! Tornado tosses tractor trailers like toys

This particular Tornado was one of a number that struck during the 3rd April 2012 Tornado outbreak in north/central Texas.

Find out more about the outbreak at the bottom of the article.  It’s all about Texas today on Tornado videos.

Just incredible! In the video below, watch the 2012 Dallas, Texas Tornado toss tractor trailers like toys.

As you can see, this video has been digitally enhanced. This video was shot from a super-zoom helicopter camera.

An upper level low and a cold front conflicted with a very warm and unstable air mass to produce a number of Tornadoes – seventeen to be exact – and thunderstorms.

As mentioned at the top of the article, this outbreak happened across much of north and central Texas on the 3rd April 2012.

Thankfully, no lives were lost, however thirty people were injured. We will be producing a relive in video article relating to this outbreak in due course.


Spectacular video of the 2015 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

We’ve never seen this before, if we’re honest. Find out more about this Tornado at the bottom of the article.

Captured on a news broadcast! Find a spectacular video of the 25th March 2015 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado below.

The video was posted by KOLR10 & Ozarks Local News a day after the Tornado struck – 26th March 2015.

The news outlet posted it on their official Facebook account. Watch KFOR’s broadcast of the 25th March 2015 Tornado below.

An entrenched, erratic Tornado – inc. damaging thunderstorm winds – occurred on the evening of the 25th March 2015. The Tornado affected areas of southwest Oklahoma and Moore. The path of wind damage varied from 0.1 miles to 0.6 miles in width1.

1: With evidence of a narrow Tornado observed intermittently within this area of damage.

The damage started near Southwest 119th Street and May Avenue in southwest Oklahoma City – which moved through Moore – and ended about ½ mile south-southeast of Northeast 36th Avenue and Indian Hills Road in extreme northern Norman.

The most consistent evidence of a Tornado was observed from southwest of Northwest 12th Street and Santa Fe Avenue to near Southwest 7th Street and Broadway Avenue in Moore. The low-end EF-2 damage was observed in a small area of Moore.

Lawsuit filed against The Weather Channel in storm chasers’ fatal wreck

We will not being making comment at this time. We will making comment when the lawsuit has gone through the courts.

Mum of a National Weather Service (NWS) storm spotter (spotter) killed in a 2017 car crash has filed a one hundred and twenty five million dollar lawsuit against the Weather Channel – organisation that hired the storm chasers involved in the fatal car wreck.

Photo credit: Live 5

Karen Di Piazza filed the lawsuit Tuesday in federal district court in Lubbock, Texas. Piazza’s son, Corbin Lee Jaeger – who was 25 – was killed on the 28th March, 2017 in a two-vehicle wreck on County Road 419 – just west of Spur and southeast of Lubbock.

You can read the lawsuit here

The lawsuit suggests The Weather Channel’s on-air personalities Kelley Williamson and Randall Yarnall ran stop signs and traffic lights and broke other traffic laws to capture video for their show, ‘Storm Wranglers’

Officials at The Weather Channel knew of their dangerous and reckless driving habits – according to the lawsuit.

The duo ran a stop sign on County Road 419, travelling at seventy miles per hour to video a Tornado for The Weather Channel – according to lawsuit. 

Williamson and Yarnall were also killed in the crash. Jaeger, a certified spotter for the NWS was driving away from the Tornado when his vehicle was hit, the lawsuit suggests. 

“We are saddened by the loss of Corbin Jaeger, Kelly Williamson and Randy Yarnall. They were beloved members of the weather community and our deepest sympathies go out to the families and loved ones of all involved. We cannot comment on pending litigation.”

The Weather Channel spokesperson

The Weather Channel studio gets hit by an EF-5 Tornado

Crazy Cantore! Watch The Weather Channel studio get hit by an EF-5 Tornado in the video below.

 “We’re taking you inside the weather like you’ve never seen it before. Jim Cantore battles the elements as a storm hits The Weather Channel.”

Whilst this video was released last year, we still absolutely love everything about it. From the CGI – which is better then all DC movies combined – to Jim Cantore!