Large Tornado captured on camera in Los Ángeles, Chile

This has been considered a rare event, due to the climate in the region.  A large Tornado has been captured on camera in Los Ángeles, Chile – watch in the videos below. 

It’s unclear at this time who captured these videos. However, what we do know is that David Venegas Urrutia posted the above videos on his Facebook account. 

Find more videos of the Tornado below.

Here’s a little background on the event: The Tornado struck exactly at the time of children leaving school and adults going to work – late afternoon.

Heavy rain and hail occured, way before the Tornado struck. There was no Tornado alert whatsoever. 

The phenomenon is rare in this territory simply because of the colder climate and desert areas.

The Tornado caused significant damage in the area – see in the photo gallery below.

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