Look at the speed of it go! Dust devil captured on camera in Guatemala

A dust devil has been captured on camera in La Emboscada, San Miguel Sigüilá, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala – watch in the video below.

The video was posted by Noticias Ultima Hora on their official YouTube account.

In case you’re new to Dust Devils, find the official definition below.

“Dust devils are occasionally strong enough to cause minor damage (up to EF0 on the Enhanced Fujita scale). Diameters range from about 3 m to greater than 30 m; their average height is about 200 m, but a few have been observed as high as 1 km or more.

They have been observed to rotate anticyclonically as well as cyclonically. Although the vertical velocity is predominantly upward, the flow along the axis of large dust devils may be downward. Large dust devils may also contain secondary vortices.”

Meteorology glossary, American Meteorological Society – http://glossary.ametsoc.org/wiki/Dust_devil