Beautiful shots! Photogenic Tornado captured on camera in central Italy

Mamma Mia that’s a beautiful nader!

A photogenic Tornado has been captured in central Italy – Montalto Di Castro, Viterbo province, north of Lazio – see in the photos below.

The photos were captured and edited by Sabrimirko Nardo Di Maio on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 29th May.

However, Tornado in Italia posted the photos on their official Facebook account. We highly urge you to check out Tornado in Italia – content produced is exceptional.

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Mamma Mia! Past Tornadoes in Italy – relive in video

This post was inspired by Severe Weather Europe’s incredible post, Tornadoes in Europe: Italy (with Top 10 most noteworthy tornadoes)

Mamma Mia! That’s a wedge Tornado! In the videos below, relive some of Italy’s past Tornadoes (& Waterspouts1).

1: We just wanted to give you something else to watch… Because we love you!

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With Tornadoes being covered, lets move onto Waterspouts!

Below is another view of the above Waterspout.


Funnel cloud captured on camera in Ginosa, Italy

That’s a very pronounced funnel! A funnel cloud has been captured on camera in ​​Ginosa Marina, Ginosa*, Italy – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Giacomo Toro

*Province of Taranto

The photo was captured by Patty Romita (Giacomo Toro TBC) today. However, the photo was posted by Tornado in Italia’s official Facebook account.