Truly breathtaking! Photogenic rope Waterspout at sunset in Lebanon

A photogenic & breathtaking Waterspout1 has been captured on camera in Beirut, Lebanon…

…Watch in the video to the right hand side.

The video which was sent to Nash from Nashville by Douaa Shreim (who took the video) on the 19th February 2019.

1: Since we haven’t covered Waterspouts in detail yet (page coming soon), find an official definition below.

“Waterspouts are similar to Tornadoes over water. However, Waterspouts tend to be broken down into two categories: tornadic Waterspouts and fair weather Waterspouts.

Tornadic Waterspouts are simply Tornadoes that form over water, or move from land to water – its suffice to say Waterspouts have the same characteristics as a normal Tornado.”

National Weather Service, NOAA –

What we mean by characteristics is: high winds/seas, hail and frequent dangerous lightning.

When it comes to fair weather Waterspouts, you’ll just have to wait until the page is built…

… We’re keeping that a secret! #welikekeepingsecrets