About Tornado Videos

Tornado Videos was launched on the 24th October 2018. With a love of Tornadoes and with his current life/health situation constantly on the mind, Jamie needed something else to focus on.

This is where the idea of Tornado Videos came to be. The goal of Tornado Videos is simple: provide the best and newest videos of Tornadoes. Plus, a few extra things… We’ll keep that there for the time being!

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Site lead

Jamie Simms has had passion for weather – in particular Tornadoes – since a very young age. It started when his father took him to see Twister in the cinema for the very first time. His passion for Tornadoes grew.

As a teenager, Jamie started to learn and develop a further interest in elements of Tornadoes. Whether it was the Fujita-scale or radar (Doppler on wheels – DOW), he was interested.

Throughout his schooling, Jamie used his passion of Tornadoes to complete projects. It’s suffice to say when you’re good and knowledgeable about something, use it to its advantage.

Jamie hopes to head to the plains to chase storms in near future.