…Wurman stated he’s unconvinced it will advance scientists understanding of Tornadoes.

Talking to The Washington Post (TWP), Josh Wurman called Reed Timmer’s recent successful Rocket experiment “cute” however said he’s unconvinced it will advance scientists’ understanding of Tornadoes. “The rocket just took one slice through a Tornado”, Wurman said. “We’re way beyond that in science”.

Wurman, president of the Center for Severe Weather Research in Colorado, explained to TWP that academic researchers are conducting controlled experiments to map and investigate the three-dimensional structure and characteristics of Tornadoes and their surrounding environments – how they change with time.

Wurman’s group uses mobile Doppler radars to collect Tornado data – just like the one in the video below.

“The bar for what’s beneficial scientifically in Tornado research has grown a lot”, Wurman said. Timmer’s rocket “is kind of cool, but what really it teaches us about Tornadoes that we didn’t know already is pretty unclear”. Wurman concluded that Timmer will need to share his data with other scientists for its value to be better understood.

We highly respect Wurman’s opinion, however we have to disagree this time round. We firmly believe Timmer is contributing a fair amount to the scientific community… We’ll just leave it at that!

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