We had to write about it! In the video below, watch a new Chevrolet commercial which features renowned storm chasers, Roger and Caryn Hill.   

You can read the video’s description below.

“Roger Hill loves severe weather. And over the past three decades, he has personally witnessed more than 650 tornadoes – more than anyone on earth. After years of chasing in his free time, he turned his passion into a career, starting Silver Lining Tours. Now, together with his wife Caryn, he guides groups across the country to witness severe weather.

 It’s his dream job, but it’s also demanding; during storm season, Roger and Caryn are on the road for more 100 days straight, driving hundreds of miles per day in pursuit of Mother Nature.

But before the season begins, they go storm chasing as a couple. It’s a promise they made to each other, a yearly adventure that takes them driving across America’s stunning landscape. Watch as Roger and Caryn Hill traverse several states hunting the perfect storm.”

The video was brought to our attention by Roger Hill, however the commercial was posted by CNN. The commercial is currently unlisted on YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “New Chevrolet commercial features renowned storm chasers

  1. this company of storm chasers are SCUM! They came to Kansas and drove into a tornado on purpose, then when their vans flipped injuring their occupants, whom were tourist that paid to go into tornadoes, were being treated for minor injuries, they invaded the personal space of the farmer who’s field they had landed in!! Instead of offering help or compassion, they stood around videoing the dead animals and the family trying to salvage what was left of their farm. Although, they only had minor injuries, when the 911 call went out, that was not known, so over 40 of our LOCAL emergency service men and women were at the scene. Thus, local people, who needed their services had to wait for these jokers to be cleared from our highways. The storm chaser company will tell you they made friends with the farmer and sent a check to help. This is a lie. The farmer told them to get the hell off his property. Their wreck of tourist tornado vans, blocked all lanes of the highway and LOCALS were not able to get to the homes and farms of their families and friends to help with tornado damage. Shame on Chevrolet for using their footage and Shame on CNN for running this commercial.

    1. Shame on you Laura for having no passion of your own other than sitting at your keyboard ready to spread false news for your own ego satisfaction. There is no point in breaking down piece by piece the severity of false information and accusations in your poat as my energy is not worth expending on your bile.
      Roger and Caryn have more integrity than you could possibly imagine. The people who know them know the facts.
      Get off social.media and find your own purpose in life to add value to the world.

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