Fifteen things you might not know about Twister

Twenty three years ago on the 10th May (last month), 1996 summer blockbuster, Twister premiered in movie theaters/cinemas. A trailer for the film can be watched below.

With that being said, here’s a look at fifteen things you might know about Twister – listed below.

Twister was the first film on DVD: Way before the tech-film enthusiast knew what a DVD was, Twister was being pressed onto the format. On March 25th 1997, Twister was the first-ever cinematic release on DVD. However, a teaser trailer and cast bios were the only special features included on it.

Twister was the last film on HD-DVD: Best way to go! Having paved the way for the DVD format, Twister would prove to be the swan song for its HD counterpart. The HD-DVD version of Twister was released in 2008. However, this would be the last cinematic release on the format. HD-DVD lost the battle to Blu-Ray

Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton were blinded: This was something we didn’t even though! Suffice to say the stars of Twisters suffered for their work. The duo were temporarily blinded by bright electronic lamps used to reduce the exposure and had to wear specific glasses in order to recover.  Hunt and Paxton had to have hepatitis injections after filming in a particularly unsanitary ditch1. Also! Hunt was reportedly left concussed after hitting her head in a stunt.

1: Referring to the scene which you can watch in full below.

The script of Twister was improved aka tidied up by the man behind Marvel Avengers films, Joss Whedon: Whedon, the man behind the Avengers films and more, also had a hand in Twister… However, he didn’t receive an official credit for his efforts. Whedon was brought in twice in order to improve aka tidy up the script.

The original crew of Twister revolted: This one shocked us when we discovered this. Suffice to suggest that there was much drama off screen as there was on the screen. Approxminetly five weeks into filming, the crew of Twister left the set in protest of director Jan De Bont’s handling of the shoot, which included him knocking over a camera assistant…Why did he do that? Reportedly the camera assistant missed a cue. Replacement cinematographer Jack N. Green also suffered…How? A hydraulic house programmed to collapse was mistakenly activated with him inside it. Ouch! We’re definitely going to read up more that particular incident.

Twister was recognised at both the Oscars and the Razzies: It’s no surprise that Twister’s technical team were recognised at the Oscars, picking up nominations for both Best Visual Effects and Best Sound. Actress Jami Gertz and writers Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin weren’t so celebrated to say the least. Gertz picked up a Razzie nod for Worst Supporting Actress, the writers picked up the Razzie for Worst Written Films grossing over one hundred million dollars.

Twister became the source of an urban legend: In 1996, an Ontario, Canada drive-in movie theatre was destroyed by a Tornado just hours before it was due to screen Twister. Ooo eh! This above mentioned event got twisted into an urban legend in which the movie movie theatre was playing the film at the same time the Tornado struck.

The sound effects in Twister came from an interesting library: Suffice to say the flying cow is one of the most reconisgeable images from Twister, HOWEVER this wasn’t the only time that animals were used during the production. The sounds of rumbling thunder and roaring winds that you hear in the film were natural but not the natural you think…The sounds that you hear are that of animals, including a camel’s moan slowed down and play backwards.

Image credit: Tornado Videos

The tagline for Twister was nearly ‘It sucks’: The producers of Twister initially had the tagline ‘It sucks’ in mind for the film. However, realising that a tagline like that may give the film’s critics more ammunition than they needed. Thankfully, the producers changed it to ‘the dark side of nature’.

Simple heading this time, life imitated art: Fourteen years after Twister’s release, a real Tornado struck the farmhouse where several scenes were filmed. The owner of the property, an ex-Oklahoma state senator later commented on how much the Tornado “echoed” the one in the film.

The trailer for Twister contains a shot not in the film: We’ll let you try and work out which one it is, let us know which shot you think it is in the comments.

Twister was the second highest-grossing film of 1996: 1996 saw the release of 101 Dalmations, The Rock and the first Mission Impossible. So… Suffice to say it’s impressive that Twister managed to outgross them all with a tally of almost five hundred million dollars. HUGE NUMBERS! However, that number still diminishes to the one film that did beat Twister at the box-office in 1996 – Independence Day (eight hundred and seventeen million dollars).

OH NUTS! Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s genitals made an appearance in Twister: According to reports, the cinematic release of Twister showed Phillip Seymour Hoffman accidentally expose his genitals for a split second in the scene in which he sits on a lawn chair and lifts his leg in the air. Producers of Twister were made aware of the error, the flash of Hoffman’s genitals was edited out of both the VHS and DVD releases.

Resource credit: Entertainment Tonight

There are several hidden film references in Twister: The oil truck that is seen flying around in the last scene of the film bears the same name2 as the company in James Cameron’s underwater film, The Abyss.  

2: ‘Benthic Petroleum’ in case you can’t remember.

Of course! We can’t forget ‘Dorothy’. You can find out more on Dorothy here, however Dorothy is same name as the leading character in The Wizard of Oz (TWOO). Suffice to suggest this isn’t the only time TWOO is referenced in Twister.

In Twister’s opening scene, the dog you see with Young Jo is the same breed3 as Toto in TWOO. Also, just before the Tornado hits her house, Aunt Meg is watching classic Judy Garland classic.

3: Cairn Terrier in case you can’t remember or didn’t know.

Twister features two cast members who would later appear on LOST: Viewers of LOST may already know that two Twister cast members would later show up on the island… Sean Whalen, who play Rabbit’s driver Alan, would appear on the show as plane crash survivor, Frogurt in three episodes. Jeremy Davies, who played Laurence in Twister, would appear on LOST as Dr. Daniel Faraday. It would appear his was a significant role.

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Large Tornado captured on camera near Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Northeast of Wabasso, Minnesota!

That’s a pretty significant cone nader! A large Tornado has been captured on camera near Redwood Falls, Minnesota – watch in the video below.

The video was captured by Jeremiah Frasher on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 20th June.

However, Live Storm Chasers’ posted the video on their official Facebook account. Find more videos and photos of the Tornado below. 

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Weak brief Tornado captured on camera near Salem, Illinois

Suffice to say it was a quick nader! A weak brief Tornado has been captured on camera near Salem, Illinois – watch in the video below.

The video was captured by Reath Kameron Branson on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 19th June. Branson posted the video on his Facebook account.

Find another video of the Tornado below.

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Australian storm chaser died this morning following traffic accident in Kansas

We will not be reporting specifics regarding this accident.

Australian storm chaser and world renowned photographer, Dale Sharpe died this morning following a traffic accident in Kansas.

The news of Sharpe’s death was revealed in a post on DK Photography’s Facebook page – read in full in the Facebook post below.

Our thoughts, prayers and love are with the Dale Sharpe’s family, friends and colleagues at this time. The storm chasing community has lost a truly dedicated chaser!


Please enjoy our interview with Bill Kranski of Twisted Expectations Storm Chasing.

What first got you interested in Tornadoes?

I first became interested in chasing tornadoes when I heard my first tornado siren go off as a young kid.  Like many other chasers, instead of going to the basement for shelter, I would go outside to look.

That day I did not see a tornado, but it was enough to send chills down my spine and really perked my interest. That was a day I knew for sure that I wanted to see a tornado in person.

How did you become interested in storm chasing?

I have always had a passion for anything weather related, and nature related, from a very young age I would go from window to window giving my mom constant updates as to what the clouds were doing.

This passion would continue all the way into adulthood when I would try to photograph lightning strikes, wall clouds, or any other cool looking clouds. Then the movie Twister came out and that really perked my interest that people actually go out and look at storms.

At first, I thought it was just a weird hobby that I had picked up and didn’t really ever see anyone doing what I was doing, at least not in my little area of Western Wisconsin.

How did you get into chasing?

I chased locally and regionally when I was a teenager and early on in adulthood. Back then it was a lot harder, you would look at radar data via dial-up internet and then decide to go chase a local area.

I never had radar data in the vehicle, just me, my car and a camera.  Then I really slowed down on chasing when I had a kid; I had a lot more responsibilities, and between work and raising a child I never made the time to go chasing.

Then as my child was getting older, he started showing some interest in it, and he was also getting old enough where I felt ok to get back into chasing. Plus, I also have an amazing girlfriend that would watch my son before he was old enough to stay by himself.

That was enough to really get me active in the chasing community. I started watching a lot of great videos, went to storm spotting class, and got first aid and CPR certified. Then I really got active again, eventually forming a team with Steven Solie, Twisted expectations, which we currently have six members on our team.

How long have you been chasing?

I have been chasing on and off for twenty five plus years. In the last 3 years I have become more active, but I started when I could first drive, unless you count going from window to window as chasing.

Why do you chase? Do you do it for fun or do you have a purpose?

I think seeing the amazing things that mother nature does is astonishing, anything from sunrises, to sunsets, tornadoes, snowstorms, lightning, squall lines, great landscapes of our country and everything in the middle is just one of the many reasons.

I also chase because I feel like if I am spotting and can get people five, ten, fifteen minutes more warning time, it could save lives. Radars work great, but there is still a lot that radars cannot see and that is why spotting and chasing is so important still.

Plus, the more people that are certified to help with injured people the better in my opinion as they may be the first person on a scene, and you could possibly be the difference in helping someone survive or not.

It’s suffice to say you must have been in some close calls. Have you ever been hit?

I have been in the outer circulation one time while chasing.  This is definitely not where anyone wants to be, but never in the main part of the tornado.

So, the question is. How close have you got?

This year while in Missouri on the Carl Junction tornado, I was working in from the western side of the storm, and we had just got done driving through an area with quite a bit of tree damage and also debris still in the air (small of course).

That’s when I noticed something very strange happening, along with all the wind, I was watching the front of my car and the rain actually started to be pulled up from under both sides of the vehicle, which is when I knew I was too close.

I pulled over and after reviewing my three sixty footage, I could see that what I was driving into at the time was a huge rotation and figured out for sure I was too close.  Another time I was too close, I had some very strong winds, just after a tornado had hit, and it was bending power poles quite a bit.

Last question we have to ask… Do you ever fear for your life?

There were only two times I have felt in danger while chasing, first time was when I had my son with and storms were moving north-northeast at fifty five-sixty miles per hour, we were north of Holmen, WI and I noticed a bear’s cage structure headed straight towards us. 

Which in a great road network is not as bad, you can pick an east road or a south road, but here in Western Wisconsin we have hills, curvy roads and lots of trees. I picked an east-northeast escape route knowing the storm was moving more north, well it took a right turn and kept heading straight toward us as we were trying to get out of the way, going through river valleys, wooded areas and lots of hills.

In the back of my mind I was thinking that I better not harm my son, my family would never let me down for this. The other time was when the telephone poles were bending over so much and there was no visibility on a gravel road, also with trees on the side, maybe not as scary as the time with my son but was enough for me to rethink how I chase. I studied more and started researching areas better before chasing.

This led me to take better routes and live to chase another day.

Thanks to Bill for taking the time out to talk to us. Links for Twisted Expectations Storm Chasing’s website, Facebook and other social media outlets can be found below.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


Reported strong Tornado causes extensive damage in Greenville, Texas

Update: According to the National Weather Service office in Fort Worth, Texas, the damage caused in the town of Greenville was caused by straight-line-winds and not a Tornado.

Original post: There is extensive damage in the town of Greenville, Texas following a reported strong Tornado that struck last night. It’s also been reported that it was rain-wrapped.

The reported Tornado swept through the town just before 6:00pm, causing extensive damage to buildings (churches1), leaving a trail of downed trees and power lines.

1: It’s suffice to suggest a number of churches were having services or bible study last night. This was the situation at Highland Terrace Baptist Church on the outskirts of the town. Families were gathered with their pastors in the church when a portion of the roof was ripped off by the reported Tornado.

Photo gallery of damage caused can be found below.

As the photo gallery above illustrates, multiple buildings downtown Greenville suffered extensive damage. Initial reports suggested the downtown area was the hardest hit.

Video of the damage caused by this reported Tornado in the downtown area can be found below.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have been working together to keep some areas of the town blocked off that have downed power lines and polls.

The roof of one business was completely ripped off, ending up crumpled in the street. A classic car business had its glass windows blown out.

The initial call for first responders was significant, due to damage affecting such a densely populated area. There were no reports of serious injuries thankfully.

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19th June 2018 Prospect Valley, Colorado Tornado – relive the Tornado in video

The above feature photo was captured by William T. Reid. Provided with permission.

We’re going to get straight to the videos for this particular Tornado. However, we highly recommend Silver Lining Tour’s blog on the Tornado.

In the videos below, relive the photogenic Prospect Valley, Colorado Tornado that struck on the 19th June 2018.

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New GoPro footage offers a different perspective of the May 2019 McCook, NE Tornado

The above feature photo is a screen grab which was taken whilst watching Greg Johnson’s video. The GoPro that captured the footage was mounted on the roof ofe the Tornado Hunters truck.

So, you get a storm chasing vehicle perspective, if you get the drift haha.

New footage of the McCook, Nebraska Tornado that struck on the 17th May of this year has emerged online. The GoPro-caught video offers a different and somewhat unique perspective of the Tornado – watched below.

The description for the video can be read in full below.

“This footage of two separate tornadoes on May 17 2019 in McCook Nebraska was shot with a roof mounted GoPro camera. The footage has been sped up to 4x speed.”



Waterspout captured on camera off Ünye in Turkey

That’s an ocean churner! A Waterspout has been captured on camera off Ünye, Ordu Province in Turkey – watch in the video below.

It’s unclear who captured the video on the day the Waterspout struck – yesterday, 18th June.

However, the video was posted on Extreme Weather Turkey’s official Facebook account. Find more video of the Waterspout below.

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Tornado captured on camera north of Kinsley, Kansas

Update: A close range video of the Tornado has now emerged online – watch below.

Original post: Ladies and gents! We’ve got a nader! A Tornado has been captured on camera north of Kinsley, Kansas – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Paul Botten

The photo was captured by Paul Botten today. Botten posted the photo on his Facebook account. Find more shots of the Tornado below.

Photo credit: Gee Moore
Photo credit: Tyler Schlitt Photography – taken just west of Garfield, Kansas and just north of Kinsley, Kansas.
Photo credit: Blake Brown – taken northwest of Kinsley Kansas.

Should video emerge of this Tornado, we will post it. Find more of our articles on Tornadoes that have struck in the state of Kansas here

Tornado captured on camera northeast of Arlington, Colorado

The Tornado in the photo was one of seven that touched down. Should video emerge of any of them, we will post them.

A tall grey nader churning up the fields of Colorado! A Tornado has been captured on camera northeast of Arlington, Colorado – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: Jeff Piotrowski

The photo was captured by iconic storm chaser, Jeff Piotrowski on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 17th June.

Piotrowski posted an interesting tweet straight after this photo – find below.

Find more photos of the Tornado below.

Photo credit: Ursla Marie Martinez
Photo credit: Ursla Marie Martinez

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17th June 2014 Coleridge, Nebraska Tornadoes – relive the Tornadoes in video

The above feature photo is a screen grab take whilst watching Reed Timmer’s video relating to the Tornado.

FYI: A day before, the Pilger, Nebraska twin Tornadoes struck.

The warm front which was accountable for the substantial Tornadoes on the afternoon of the 16th June, this lifted just slightly north on the 17th June into far northeast Nebraska.

Significant instability developed along this boundary given the very warm and humid airmass in place across the region. Terminology heavy to say the least this part!

By the time late afternoon came, an isolated supercell thunderstorm developed across this boundary which lead to it becoming severe quite quickly.

This supercell thunderstorm spawned a handful of Tornadoes, three of which were significant. A fun fact for you!

These storms were unique in that they were nearly stationary for a couple of hours, resulting in short and twisting paths despite long Tornado lifecycles.

We didn’t particularly want to make this a wordy article, however we wanted to give these Tornadoes a detailed introduction. Now you’ve read about it…

…In the videos below, relive the Coleridge, Nebraska Tornadoes that struck on the 17th June 2014.


Remarkable probe footage of one of the June 2014 Pilger, Nebraska twin Tornadoes

The video is a pretty long watch, however it’s well worth it. The twin Tornadoes struck Pilger, Nebraska on 16th June 2014 – five years ago yesterday.

FYI: The Tornado you will see in the video was the first one of the two that touched down.

In the video below, watch remarkable probe footage of one of the June 2014 Pilger, Nebraska twin Tornadoes.

The footage was captured by the probe produced by Outlaw Chasers – Randy Dean Hicks, Chris Rice & Lisa McGeough.

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered the Outlaw Chasers and their shenanigans – find our other articles below on the chase team below.

Tornado captured on camera in Maykop, Russia

Those Russian Tornadoes! A Tornado has been captured on camera in Maykop, Russia – see in the photo gallery below.

It’s unclear who captured the photos, however Rodolfo Martin Brenes Salvatierra posted the photos on his Facebook account.

The Tornado struck yesterday, which was the 16th June. Find videos of the Tornado below.

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Significant Tornado captured on camera near Estelline, South Dakota

It could also be said it was near Toronto, South Dakota. Going off radar scans, it suggested Estelline.

That’s a big one! A significant Tornado has been captured on camera near Estelline, South Dakota – watch in the video below.  

The video was captured by Sean Kathy Lesnar on the day the Tornado struck – Saturday, 15th June. Lesnar posted the video on her Facebook account.

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The Chandler-Lake Wilson, Minnesota Tornado of June 16th 1992

Twenty seven years ago today!

On the 16th June 1992, a devastating Tornado ravaged elements of southwest Minnesota (MN). Normally known as the Chandler-Lake Wilson, MN Tornado.

This Tornado destroyed more than seventy five homes with another ninety homes, ten businesses, a church + a school suffered damaged.

Fifty million dollars in damage was caused, forty people suffered injuries and one person was killed by the Tornado.

Source credit: National Weather Service – The approximate path of the Chandler-Lake Wilson tornado.

Based upon a comprehensive damage assessment by the National Weather Service, it’s assessed this F5/EF-5 Tornado had winds in excess of two hundred and sixty miles per hour as it swept through the residential area of Chandler, MN.

Fun fact for you all! This was the only F5/EF-5 to strike in the United States in 1992.

The Chandler-Lake Wilson Tornado touched down shortly after 5:00pm initially near Leota, MN. The Tornado obliterated a two house farmstead just east of Leota as it strengthened and churned its way toward Chandler and Lake Wilson.

Suffice to say the Tornado reached its greatest size and strength as it headed over the hill and directly south of Chandler, churning its way into the residential area of west Chandler at 5:18pm approximately.

The enormous Tornado was on the ground for well over an hour, travelling around thirty five miles across southwest MN, from northwest Nobles County, through Murray County and into southeast Lyon County.

Another fact for you all! The Tornado had a maximum width of three-quarters of a mile wide in the area of Chandler-Lake Wilson area.

The Tornado was a part of a major severe weather event that swept across the northern Plains that week. You can read more on that here.

Clearer version of the above video can be found below.

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Waterspout captured on camera near Marathon, Florida

Unbelievable up close video! This footage was captured by someone aboard a boat.

A Waterspout has been captured on camera near Marathon, Florida – watch in the video below.

It’s unclear at this time who shot the video, however it was shot yesterday. However, the video was sent to Nash from Nashville by Dylan Brown & Two Conchs Charters.

Nash went onto post the video on his official Facebook account. You can find more of our articles on Waterspouts here and here.

Storm Shelters of Iowa tested their storm shelter by dropping a vehicle on it…

… and it passed the test perfectly in our opinion!

Just incredible! In the video below, watch Storm Shelters of Iowa test their storm shelter by simulating a vehicle dropping on it1.

1: Having been suspended in the air by a Tornado.

This video was brought to our attention by the Iowa Storm Chasing Network. If you live in Tornado Alley and don’t have a storm shelter… YOU’RE IN LUCK!

The company are giving you the chance to win a free storm shelter! Pretty awesome, you can enter the competition here. You can read more of our blog-type articles here.

Damaging Tornado captured on camera in Mound City, Missouri

We have a love for a pure white condensation funnel! A damaging Tornado has been captured on camera in Mound City, Missouri – watch in the video below.

The video was captured by Jordan Stoner on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 15th June.

However, KQ2’s weekend meteorologist, Colton Cichoracki posted the video on his official Facebook account. A photo of the Tornado can be found below.

Photo credit: David Schaeffer

As the title suggests, this was a damaging Tornado. Photos of the damage caused by this Tornado can be found below.

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Significant Tornado captured on camera in Rush County, Indiana

The above feature photo was captured by Jenny Jones. Some very impressive footage caught on on camera features in this article.

A significant Tornado has been captured on camera in Rush County, Indiana – watch in the video below. 

The video was captured by Pam Johnson on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 15th June. Johnson posted the video on her Facebook count.

Find more videos of the Tornado below.

The above and below video was captured just south of Rushville, Indiana – in case you didn’t know it’s a city in the Rushville Township, Rush County.

Photo credit: Christian Vogt