Why does this remind of us this scene** in Twister. Right now, as we write this, we’re at the halfway point of this year’s severe weather season.

Counties in (and around) Tornado Alley and Dixie Alley have already seen Tornadoes, however it’s safe to suggest there’s more to come.

On the 6th May, Lawrence, Kansas police department (LKPD) posted the below tweet on their official Twitter account.

It’s safe to say the tweet gained a significant amount of attention…

…With ten thousand retweets and over fifty thousand likes.

Whilst this may be a bit of fun on Twitter, the LKPD are deadly serious. DO NOT SHOOT AT TORNADOES! It’s not a good idea and illegal within the limits of the city.

When it comes to the whiskey element of the above mentioned tweet, they didn’t comment on that. We loved everything about this tweet!

However, it’s fair to say the LKPD posted somewhat of another humorous tweet, regarding a Tornado Watch, on the 6th May – read below.

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**Watch related-video below.

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