Our thoughts, prayers and love are with the family of Kaylynn Blue.

The news comes out of Idaho Falls – the storm/Tornado enthusiast has been charged with first-degree murder. The body of a women stabbed to death and buried in her backyard was recovered during the late hours of yesterday afternoon.

Kaylynn Blue, who was thirty three was murdered sometime between late Saturday/early Sunday morning, according to Idaho Falls Police (IFP) Chief Bryce Johnso. Phillip Schwab, is accused of the crime and has been booked into the Bonneville County Jail.

Photo credit: Eric Grossarth, EastIdahoNews.com

Police were led to the house of Blue’s Monday morning after she had not shown up to work for two days. Co-workers contacted her family members in which they contacted IFP asking for a welfare check.

Officers went to the home and Schwab answered the door. He then led police to the garden where Blue was buried in a shallow grave in a flower patch, according to the IPF Chief. Schwab was taken into custody and spoke to detectives most of that day.

According to the IPF Chief, Schwab stabbed Blue multiple times inside the home and then took her body to the backyard. Later on that day, he’s accused of stabbing two dogs in the garage and putting them in a rubbish bag. A motive is unclear at this time.

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